Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Politics of Bullshit Excuses

All major politicians fudge and spin the truth to some degree. It's an unfortunate and necessary too, especially in the face of the 24/7 media and the incessant blogs (mine included) ripping candidates for every single misstep. Most intelligent people will rationalize away a certain amount of this, thus maintaining the balance between talking points and reality.

However, I'm tired of hearing the unending stream of spin from the Bill and Hillary Clinton Spin Machine. I have been sickened over the years by the sheer brazen lies that the public has swallowed, from Bill's 1992 bimbo eruptions, to "Suck-Me!-"Gate and the impeachment debacle. As I said, all politicians lie to some degree. But when the lie is exposed, the Clintons found someone to blame. Back during the Clinton administration, it was talk radio and the vast right-wing conspiracy.

I hit my boiling point today as the former President was telling New Hampshire voters it was their fault that Hillary was losing, because they had moved up their primary. The Clintons have blamed pretty much everybody for every bad turn they suffer. When Hillary got grilled in the debates, it was because she was a woman. When it was Tim Russert grilling her, it was the fault of the media. And so on, and so forth. There's a new excuse every day.

Unfortunately, despite her loss in Iowa and (hopefully) impending loss in New Hampshire today, Hillary Clinton will still be a viable candidate. So despite the fact I wouldn't vote for any of the Democrat candidates out there, I am going to endorse a Democrat.

I am endorsing Senator Barack Obama as the right choice to represent the Democarat Party for President of the United States. I make this endorsement for simple reasons. Obama is the best candidate the Dems have fielded. He speaks a positive message. He will be a hard candidate to beat in November, thus forcing the GOP to step up to the plate and pick a good candidate. And finally, this primary is for the soul of the Democrat Party itself.

While I disagree with most of the things Democrats stand for, I can respect honest differences of opinion. I cannot, however, respect candidates who are so brazen and dishonest in their grasp for power, so much so that they will do anything to win. This is the essence of the Clinton Era. So to all those who stand with the Democrats, please choose the candidate that speaks for you, not the one that lies to you again and again and again.

The GOP is struggling with picking a candidate right now because of their abandonment of principles. I can only hope that Democrats will choose candidates on principle as well.

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