Friday, December 7, 2007

Miscellaneous Post to Finish Out the Week

First of all, Mitt Romney made possibly the best speech by anybody during this campaign. It was an absolutely perfect statement of the importance of faith in America, as well as the separation all politicians have between their faith and their duty. It's still not enough to get my support, but that's the primaries for you.

Second, related point: There is a difference between an atheist and the anti-religious fanatics that masquerade as atheists. As usual, when anybody mentions religion in the public discourse, these God haters show up to whine about how this country has nothing to do with religion, despite overwhelming evidence from the writings of the Founding Fathers, including that Declaration of Independence. Oh yeah, there's also that First Amendment, too.

Speaking of Amendments, I can't wait until the Supreme Court gets around to clarifying the Second amendment. And if we can get rid of the 18th, we can repeal the 16th too. More good things from the Fair Tax.

Imus is back on the air. This comment intentionally left blank. (as is Imus)

You should never trust any one news source. Everybody has an asshole, an opinion, and a slant. Remember that as you watch. I will say I trust the people who admit their slant a little more. But do the research on things that matter, as different sources tell different stories.

Anything the federal government can do, private industry can probably do cheaper. This even applies to space travel. Hopefully, the shuttle will be going up this weekend. I'm hoping that private space companies will get online soon.

Lastly, thank my children for these short takes. It's hard to type when you have a toddler on your arm. Still, I wouldn't have it any other way.

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