Monday, November 12, 2007

Veteran's Day

I'm going to pause in my usual rant today to pay tribute to those veterans who have served, as well as those who now fight because their country asks them to. No matter your opinion on the current conflict, we must remember that it is those young Americans, now and before, that have fought and died that are responsible for the rest of us being able to sit here and speak on anything we want to whatsoever. For it is by their blood that this country is consecrated and blessed with its freedom.

I will speak of my grandfather, deceased for over a decade now, who served with honor in the Pacific in World War II. My father served in a different kind of war, serving in Vietnam. I have a cousin who has served in Iraq. And I have a friend from a past job who serves now in the Air Force. To them, and to all who have fought, and especially to those who have died, I thank you.

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