Thursday, November 15, 2007

Get Out of MY Country!

I think we should be more like Mexico. I don't mean economically, or socially, or politically. I mean we should require documentation for drivers licenses. Yes, the country that ships more illegals into this country than any other won't give an illegal a license. Even a country that is a chaotic mess in many parts and filled with abject poverty in many parts has the sense to restrict access by illegals to benefits in their country.

However, in this country, no documentation is no problem. We have people bending over backward (and having us just bend over) to give any illegal every right and privilege of someone who has worked their ass off to succeed by the rules. This is nonsensical for so many reasons that I'm not going to even try to detail it here. Instead, since there are already a gazillion people who have weighed in on it, here's my Plan to Fix the Immigration Mess.

1. It starts at the border: No plan in existence will work unless this is the first part of it. Securing the borders is the ONLY way to get a handle on everything else. You could give everybody blanket amnesty if the borders are secure, because that would cut off the flow of illegals into this country. Not that I'm for the amnesty thing. However, once we have a stable immigrant population, legal or not, we can start to address everything else.

2. Documentation: Let's get everybody some kind of documentation. No license or state ID, those are for legal people. This is a federal, undetermined status card. It means we know who you are and have to decide whether or not to boot you. Once we can ID them, we can learn everything. In addition, they can work legally for a time this way. And after a few months, you can be shipped out for not having your card. Which leads me to part three.

3. Scumbags, criminals, and pieces of rat shit: If you have a record, are convicted of a crime, or attempt to circumvent the legal system after part two is implemented, you're out. One strike, get out. Get arrested on a serious charge, we ship you out. Drug users, gone. Fake documentation, see ya. Any reason the law has to come down on you is a good enough reason to show you the borders. Also, although I don't think it will fly, rapists and child molesters should be repatriated by catapult. However, if you get your card and don't do anything wrong, you can stay until we decide how to handle you.

4. Bye bye, handouts: The best way to keep people from sneaking back in is to give them no reason to come back. Fine the nuts off any company that hires an illegal. No social services, period, except emergency medical care. Now if it's drug-related, see number three. Any charity can be private. Let them bankrupt themselves if they want, as long as it's not our money being taken by the government to do it. And lastly, no birthright citizenship for their children.

5. We decide on (shudder) Amnesty: I know that the idea of giving people who broke the law to come here a chance to stay is repugnant to a certain population, but trying to ship everybody out is excessive. It is also ridiculous, as we are responsible for this problem with years of lax immigration enforcement and utter stupidity in every related area. For people to stay, they must prove they have some value to the country, either in skills, or experience. Also, there will unfortunately have to be exemptions for the families of children who are citizens by birth. Also, for those whose families are in another country, I can see no reason not to reunite them with their loved ones by shipping them out. Again, it's a matter of applying common sense.

Of course if we all used common sense, we wouldn't have such a problem in the first place.

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