Thursday, March 10, 2011

All F@#$ing Government Unions Must F%&*ing Die!

Before I get into the meat of this celebratory post, let's get a little mood music, from the classic film Team America: World Police (just because it's such a kickass vulgar song and despite very little relation to the content of the post):

Yesterday, the Republicans in Wisconsin, in response to continued obstruction by the Democrats on a proposal to de-nut the cancer that are government unions, found a parliamentary procedure to bypass the Dems and pass a bill designed to strip power from one of the largest special interest groups in the country.

For more details, here's the story, which let me sleep with a smile on my lips.

Now before you start the howling, let me be clear on one point when I talk about unions. The ability of workers to organize when a private business is abusive is a powerful tool that keeps businesses in check in this country, and the erosion of that power could easily hurt the average person, whether unionized or not. And I stand with any workers who are being screwed over by their company, because companies that don't do the things necessary to attract good people deserve to die a fast death, as they often do.

In fact, the influence of private sector unions has made them a shrinking enterprise, as their numbers continue to decline. In this case, their success has rendered them obsolete.

Now, throw all that shit out when it comes to government sector unions. You'll notice that I called them a special interest group above. This is because they throw big money into the elections every year, mainly on the Democrat side. And in return, they buy the loyalty of candidates who continue to pour more taxpayer money into government workers' pockets; and as a result of that, they pour more money into the union coffers for the next election cycle.

In my fun little world of hyperbole we call that inbreeding. Although, in fact, inbreeding is a little less disgusting than the government union/Democrat double dutch rudder action. (and don't even get into an either/or question on that, because the answer is no way).

And furthermore, this is not an attack on workers, because you chose to ally yourselves with thugs rather than getting a job where you have to prove your worth.  So if you want sympathy that your thugs have been neutered, look in the dictionary between "shit" and "syphilis."

So congratulations are in order, as Governor Scott Walker is deserving of accolades for pulling this off despite cacophonous astroturf protests.  Next up is Governor Kasich here in the great state of Ohio to continue this fight.  Now if we could just get some of that testicular fortitude in Washington for the budget battle, we might get somewhere.


soapster said...

Good points all but the larger issue still looms dear Patrick.

That larger issue is the hundreds of Trillions of dollars in fraudulent derivatives floating around out there making world bankers filthy rich all at the behest of the American taxpayer.

Until those are written off and the Federal Reserve abolished (or at the very least audited) we are still plenty screwed.

(oddly enough the word verification is "supress") LOL

Patrick M said...

Soapster: One battle at a time here (as in you're off-topic).

All of the problems we're facing are due to an overreach of government in the world. And any success at shrinking it is a good thing. In this case, we're talking about the incestuous relationship government unions and one major party have.

Your issue won't be solved until we get our financial houses in order. And that's still a ways off (since special interests on both sides have far too much power over policy in general (due to the size of government control)).

soapster said...

You'll get no argument from me on that.

dmarks said...

The government is OBLIGATED to find the best way to pay for services.

Overpaying people for the hell of it, as part of some scheme where these people are forced to pay campaign contributions, is reprehensible.

Not only that, it puts education and other aspects of public service in the back seat.

Pay enough to get the right people for the job. What's so wrong about that?