Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Why Republicans were Elected (a Budget Post)

I've been watching the last week as the GOP (elected with the promise of cutting $100 billion from the budget to offset the trillion dollar deficits(hello, trillion with a T) has been unveiling their budget plans.  Aside from their first step in repealing the budget-raping obscenity known as Obamacare (H.R. 2), and their continuing need to forget they were elected on economic issues by firing off a bill about abortion (H.R. 3), which is why I went with the above title.

The net result of the budget work out of the Republican run House Appropriations Committee is a measly $35 billion.

You have got to be shitting in my ears.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying they should give up or that I'm ready to chuck their dumb asses and let the Dems go on another spending orgy (not that the GOP was the model of budgetary restraint last time they had the unfettered reigns).  But when you're well under 1/2% of the total deficit, it looks like you're not even trying.

To contrast this, Senator Rand Paul came out with his own proposal.  Now I don't know for certain if this is The Answer! to our budget mess (for all you Paulistas, this shit will have to get past Democrats to pass, so expect some compromise), but it's definitely a clear step in the right direction, as it proposes $500 billion in cuts.  This is the kind of cutting that will lead to surpluses once the economy can get going again.

So this goes out to all Republican and fiscally conservative Democrat Congressmen (Especially my rep, RSC Chairman Jim Jordan): You need to stop the budget jerking and make some substantive cuts.  Even if the Democrats in the Senate and/or President Obama vetoes the shit.  Just keep sending the shrunken spending bills.  At this point, it's time to let them become the party of "No to Fiscal Responsibility."  And when they claim that cutting government will hurt the economic recovery (they've already begun this), laugh at the joke.  Literally.  Big fake laughs.

Because in the end, both parties have their hands dirty in the process of running our country into the financial ground.  And it's time to put on the brakes.


Jerry Critter said...

If they really want to cut, they should start with the Defense budget. It's doubled over the last 10 years and it is where the real money is.

Bettie said...
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