Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hope for America (with Imagined Cartoon Violence)

Let's start with the news of the day.  Representative John Bo(eh)ner (of the Great State of Ohio) was formally elected as Speaker of the House.  Now, I'm not a fan of Rep Boehner, especially after his record over the Bush years, but he has at least been leaning toward the right course for the past two years.  So I'll give him the benefit as long as he keeps the GOP working to undo the damage of the last 20 years (Bush (Sr), Clinton, Bush, and Obama).  And primarily, it's because it's either invest hope in the man who will lead the opposition to Obama, or assume he's going to screw us.  In that case, we're boned.

But I come back to the pic to the right.

I imagine the new speaker, flush with power, and holding that big honkin' gavel, and giving ol' Nancy pelosi a spectacular cartoon bonk on the head (with appropriate laugh track and tweeting bird halo for the outgoing speaker).

Admit it, if there was a cartoon speech balloon that said, "It's MIIIIIIINNNNNEEEEEE!!!!!!, followed by something that would make Bugs Bunny proud , you'd laugh.

But enough about the political theater.  This is about why, even in the darkest hour, I have hope for us all.  And two videos to prove it.

First of all, if we were ever worried that things are getting worse, here's a really cool video with cool statistics that show where we're headed as a society, and as a planet:

And even for those of us who hit bottom, there is always hope. If you haven't seen this video (also from the Great State of Ohio), watch and be surprised:

The man in the video, Ted Williams, now has a job. not because of some government program, not because of another tax cut, not because of an Obama stimulus, but because he had a skill that people wanted. And because the Internet can give anyone a chance for success. May he fare well.

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