Friday, December 17, 2010

Lazy Video Post (Yuletide Friday)

In my never-ending quest to fail to post anything because, between Christmas (I got my presents wrapped), and work (I got my presents wrapped... wait), and the kids (the reason I got my presents wrapped). I managed to forget to comment on the Christmas present the MOST USELESS CONGRESS EVER gave us: two more years of the current tax rates (mostly) and no massive spending bill (unless the GOP bones us next year).  Thankfully, the damage they've inflicted over the last ten years (yeah, I'm counting the 6 years the GOP spent like drunken sailors before the Dems came around and quadrupled down) may finally come to an end.

Yeah, all I want for Christmas is Washington Gridlock.

But for this week's Yuletide Friday, we make with the videos.

First of all, the Barbie my daughter is not getting, but not for the asinine reason laid out in this montage form the Fear Media (after a damned annoying commercial):

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Creepy. Now, let's look at something completely different (complete with a post-song ad for something much more worthy). I know I used this a couple weeks ago, but since this is an all-video and content lite post:

And while we're doing Christmas music, let's break out the beauty of flash mobs unleashing random acts of culture:

Well, enjoyed that so much, here's a link to the search that made me have to pick one out of many. The above one is simply the most flash mob-y one I could pick.

Which brings me to some squirrely wrath ((which would have fit with my music post a couple weeks past:

And to cap it off, some Christmas lights and TSO:

And with that, I'll see if I can get enough steam to post some actual political stuff next week.

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Dave Miller said...

Nice stuff patrick... I have some friends that actually know a lot of the people in that flash mob clip... it was shot in Niagra on the Lake in Canada...