Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Pause for More Shameless Self-Promotion

As I have been in and out on this blog for a while now (burnout being what it is), I have had a little time to explore.  I had also talked about getting either some YouTube action going or rocking a podcast over the last several months.  That day is here.

Introducing 3x2, a joint project between the Illustrious One (that would be me) and my buddy from the island that's a zit on the ass of Australia (couldn't help myself), Lars the Pseudo-Kiwi.

I had to hunt a bit for a player and after the pink one, I found a relatively good looking one that works. And since I do cover some politics in this post, enjoy. Further 3x2casts (when we smack some more out) shall be celebrated with a shiny link or two.

Here's the link-a-palooza: The site itself, where the podcasts will be popping up like flies.
@3x2cast For us Twitter nuts.  Because we're nuts. Hairy ones.
Our Facebook page.  Better than Farmville.  So is dog shit, though. Holy shit, this makes 6 emails for me.

So give it a listen, and give us some feedback, and we'll attempt to make it suck less.

And keep the good times flowing.

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dmarks said...

Patrick: The government worker"overpay problem extends to unions as well. The Democrats have endorsed wholesale forced unionization of government workers for the simple reason that workers forced to join the union are then forced to give money to the Democratic Party.

Public interest then takes a back seat to naked greed. Services to the poor are cut, and class sizes swell as cuts are made in order to fatten wallets. For the Dems and the unions, the mission of government becomes not to provide public service, but to provide lavish overpay for government workers.

And under Obama, the number of government workers making over $100,000 a year soars.

It's the golden rule. Those who make the rules get the gold. It's the Bell, California problem on a national scale.