Friday, September 24, 2010

Best Congressional Hearing Ever!

I have maintained that, for the most part, congressional hearings are mostly a waste of time, designed not to find out information, but to give pompous asses more speech time.

Occasionally, however, someone will give proper testimony before Congress. By that, I mean treat it like the joke that it is.

Stephen Colbert did so. For that alone, he should be honored. In fact, he should be held in contempt of Congress, a high honor.

I don't really care what side he had on the issue (migrant farm labor). The point was that it was actually something worth watching:

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Mike's America said...

It's sad that the Dems invited this man to an otherwise serious hearing. It is them who are making a mockery of Congress, not Colbert.

On the double down side, this story took attention away from the serious testimony going on at the US Civil Rights Commission where a Dept. of Justice lawyer formerly in charge of the voting rights section was describing how the Obama people made it clear they did not want voting rights violations by blacks prosecuted.

Perhaps inviting Colbert to Congress was a deliberate effort to get the news of racist Obama Justice Dept. appointees buried?