Monday, August 2, 2010

Yeah, I'm Posting About Abortion Again

I'm minding my own business Sunday, feeling mighty good, when up pops an IM and a link.  An hour or two later, I find myself reading the comments section on Z-Man's Blog.  The subject?  Abortion.

My heartfelt response (as opposed to the inanely long comment I wrote)?


(yeah, that's how tired of the argument that I am.  And the number of f-bombs was precisely chosen for its rhythmic feel.)

I've seriously tried to have eloquent conversations about this subject.  I've tried to frame it in reasonable terms, considering the points that each side makes, the deeply held beliefs, and the need to find some accommodation on a subject that people are intensely passionate about.

Then the discussion devolves into a sadistic joke on people who think there might be an answer that most people can live with. So let me restate said obvious crap.

1.  Abortion involves snuffing babies.

2. The argument is at what point does the life of the baby outweigh the rights of the mother.

3. No one is ever going to define when life begins because we all believe differently, and what we end up with is a guess.

4. The law over the centuries as been as consistent as my bowels.  With similar odors.

5.  Arguing about it with anyone who is entrenched is like a coat hanger abortion. It's messy, and may do some serious damage.

So my advice is that if you're going to try to come up with a new angle on a subject that has been beaten to death like a fetus that won't die.

Oh, and just because it's a serious subject doesn't mean you can't make jokes.  It's called gallows humor, and it's what makes war, working in slaughterhouses, and human atrocities tolerable by the sane.  Otherwise we'd all snap.  So here's a page full of abortion jokes.

Finally, since I have no interest in discussing the futility of this subject, I've killed the comment section for this post.  Because either you're going to vent at me, or start spouting the same damned positions and assuming you know mine.