Thursday, July 22, 2010

2010/2012 Election Warmup

The real challenge after an unplanned hiatus from blogging is getting the rust out and figuring out where to begin.

And since we're about 100 days from the 2010 election, I'll start there.  And segue to a little 2012 and get your thoughts.

State of the Congress

My own congressional elections are lackluster.  My rep, Jim Jordan, has earned a reelection based on his fiscal conservatism.  I would consider a third party candidate, though, because he's been there a decade, except for the need to break the Democrat stranglehold on DC.  I would like to see him moving up to the Senate.  Preferably to replace the idiot senator, George Voinovitch.  Thankfully, this bastard is not running for reelection, so I can cast a default GOP vote.  I don't really care who.

I don't really care who at this time, because the point is to split the government so they can't keep doing damage (do I really need to list it all?).  Even if that means a few Scott Browns squeeze past common sense and get in.  Because right now, a deadlocked government would be preferential over 1-party rule.  And that includes either party, because 2006 was caused by the GOP and their inability to stand on principle when they have a chance to throw cash around unabated.  In my life, the best things have happened during the later Reagan and Clinton years, when the only way to get shit done was to find things that could be agreed on.  And if not, the government got shut down (the best thing ever).  So, long story short, if you don't want your country fundamentally changed into something that it was never meant to be, the only place to fight the milktoast Republicans was/is in the primaries this year.  We can boot them in 2012 if they suck.

I really hate this, but there it is.

State of the State

This brings me to the great state of Ohio, which has been struggling under the weight of its own business burdens to survive the recession.  Without researching deeply (because I'm still rusty), the states that seem to not have income taxes, heavy union populations, and conservative Republican governors seem to be doing better than states of the opposite bent (yet another reason Michigan sucks).

This year, we get the chance to get a conservative Republican governor (I bold that, because our last GOP gov was a big government douche).  That would be John Kasich.

Some quick background.  He rose to prominence in the 1994 Republican revolution, worked as a fiscal conservative in Washington until 2000, when he left Congress.  Then he decided to go the route of show host on Fox news (sorry, he sucked at that).  And now he's running for governor of my home state.

To be honest, I wanted him to run for President.  But I'll take him as governor.  And the one additional reason:  according to his opponent, Ohio governor Ted Strickland:

The Hermanator

If you notice below, I killed my list of potential candidates for President in 2012. Mainly because I found my candidate (assuming he runs).

I first heard Herman Cain as a guest radio host.  Needless to say, what he was saying is mostly what I believe and know.  So I'm not going to go into a lot of detail as to why I'm a fan and supporter.  I'll let you peruse the links and video and comment afterward:

WorldNut Daily (good article to start with)
The Herminator PAC
And of course,



Beth said...

A dark horse candidate is very appealing!

soapster said...

Rusty in fucking deed my good friend. You lost me at "even if that means a few Scott Browns squeeze past common sense and get in."

Atlas needs to shrug. Prolonging the inevitable leads to perpetual despair.

Patrick M said...

Soapster: Yeah. I hate that I found myself saying that. But unless it's an absolute abomination of a candidate, I find myself wanting to break the hold the dems have more than anything. Even if that means half-asses.

Otherwise, the alternative is the dems having 2 more years to ram shit like the Obamination of Obamascare through.

Crap and Tax? The Vat? some version of the unFairness Doctrine? Fat tax? Sugar tax? Junk food tax? As long as the GOP understands we're not electing the half-asses because we like the bastards, that's the most we can manage.

It's why primaries are so damned important.

Beth said...

If you haven't noticed, Patrick, Scott Brown has voted with the Dems, so it really isn't enough to have a half-assed Republican in office, we we conservative Republicans. The Dems are doing a good enough job making themselves look like idiots, we don't need to help them do that.

Mike's America said...

I worked in John Kasich's first congressional campaign in 1982 in Delaware County.

He's a great guy and an honest politician.

He'll make a great governor.

I wish I could vote for him again.