Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday Lite********(****)*****

********(****)***** I have no idea why I added all the asterisks, except it seemed to make sense.  Read the rest of the post, and you'll understand why.  Unless you don't.

It's actually been two whole weeks since I posted anything here.  It's probably because we can't seem to get past the partisan blithering.  Of course, it's also marked my inability to check out my blogroll, because I can't seem to find anything I could add in the comments except non sequiturs and the standard requisite dick and fart jokes.

So this post is going to be light on deep thought, just a snapshot of where we're at.

Oil in the Gulf

So according to Obama, in his presser last week, the federal government has been running the show since day one.  That explains why the shit is flowing a month and a half later.  Or is it actually BP's fault that their attempts to seal the leak haven't worked.  Strangely, I think when it all comes down to it, it will be a hurricane that solves the oil slick, Obama will take credit for it, as well as BP sealing the leak, and until then, it's BP's fault?

Chris Christie 2012

I doubt he's going to actually do it because he's busy fixing his state (unlike some governors).  And he's doing it with balls.  Sheer balls, and a simple principle:  NOT GROWING GOVERNMENT.  Here's a perfect example of a no-bullshit approach:

And while we're on the subject of replacing politicians that suck,

The Day(s) the Incumbent(s) Died (figuratively)

It's not an absolute rule here, but incumbents and incumbent parties are feeling the pressure.  Incumbents are getting challenged.  The party in power is getting the boot.  And best of all, the moderate milktoasts (Dem and GOP) are being bumped out.  It's why Scott Brown, Chris Christie, Rand Paul, and others all won their respective races/primaries, people like Charlie Crist find themselves out of the party and people like Blanche Lincoln are fighting for political survival.  It indicates there is hope, and it also convinces me the people will get it right eventually when they go to the polls.

Do Ask, Do Tell

I liked the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy when it was enacted, because it really was a compromise between those who were uncomfortable with homosexuality, and those who were gay second and soldiers first.  It's 15 years later, and we've gotten a whole lot more tolerant, especially in the enlisted ranks, where young people are more inclined to respond to homosexuality with a resounding "meh" (except for hot lesbo action (yum)).  Sadly, this is mostly going down party lines to suck up to the senile citizens and mind-numbed morons who vote in overwhelming numbers for the same old shite.

Satyavati's Surgery

Okay, this is on the more personal side.   One of our fellow bloggers is going in for bariatric surgery in nine days.  And she's documenting in video on her blog.  If you want an interesting break from politics, check it out (and comment so I don't have to hear about the lack of comments every time I talk at her).  And when she goes in, thoughts and prayers (because you all give a shit about people, even if you hate 'em).

Finally, here's a video that's quite well done (not to @talkmaster).  So shelve the politics, enjoy the artistry, then pull the politics back off the damn shelf and let me have it.  Enjoy.


Satyavati devi dasi said...


Admit it, the thought of seeing me in a vid wearing a hospital gown and tanked on Dilaudid really turns you on.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Apparently Saty has come through her surgery and doing well. Read her on facebook.

How the hell have you been, Patrick?

Oooops! I cussed. Are you gonna kick my ass?