Tuesday, December 15, 2009

March of the Pale Pastels

We're getting near the end of the debate over the government health scare bill for this year (and hopefully, the end of the push for government-controlled heath care for another 16 years).  And with the bill bogged down in the Senate, with its myriad of parliamentary procedures designed to slow down the process and double (and tripe and quadruple) check the relatively fast progress of the House, two significant figures have come out in the debate.  Is it the people leading the charge to rape health care with the government cock? Or is it the leader of the opposition, swinging the Constitutional club?

No, it's John fucking McCain and Joe fucking Lieberman.  I'll deal with these bastards individually.

(the preceding should indicate that this is more of a rant than deeper thoughts)

John McCain

The sound bite summary for the article should tell you all we need to know here (because I can't bring myself to read the whole damned thing):

Soundly beaten for the presidency a year ago, an unbowed Sen. John McCain has re-emerged as the happy GOP warrior against President Obama and the Democrats' health care reform agenda.

So why the flying monkey fuck in Fuckville is he the leadership of the opposition?  Where the hell is the actual GOP leadership?  Is this the best that the GOP can do? 

Well, it explains why the Dems have almost total control.  To quote from Reagan:

Is it a third party we need, or is it a new and revitalized second party, raising a banner of no pale pastels, but bold colors which make it unmistakably clear where we stand on all of the issues troubling the people?

Well, that ain't McDouche.  He's the poster boy for idiot moderate bullshittery.  He's the kind of person that has a leading Democrat and former VP nominee for the OTHER PARTY (the aforementioned Lieberman) speak at his GOP convention.  And he was the default candidate in 2008 because te GOP couldn't find an actual fucking leader! 

The only reason that the Dems won't get tossed out in 2010 and 2012 is because the Republican Party leadership is not a leadership but a circle jerk of pseudoconservatives with the collective charisma of a toaster oven and marketable convictions. 

Joe Lieberman

The only salvation for freedom though lies in someone who should be a political opponent.  Senator Lieberman (Independent!) happens to be the 60th vote, the magic number for unbridled government health care to infect America.  And he doesn't like the government option or adding people to Mediscare.

It makes me laugh my ass off because it was the Democrat party that created this motherfucker.

As a reminder, he's an independent because he was defeated in the Democrat primary, then went on to win as an independent.  This means he has no requisite party loyalty.  That means the Dems have to suck him off to get shit done if the GOP stands united.  It's not the way I'd like to see filth like governmnet health care defeated, but with no real leadership in the GOP (except McLame, I guess), I'll take what I can get. 

Hell, in the Bush-Obama-McCain Dastardly Bastardly Bailout of last year, we had dorks like the alien, Dennis Kucinich, on our side in the futile opposition to that blank spending check.  Completely different reasons why, but any hole in an orgy I say.

Thankfully, he hasn't joined the McCain Republicans, because we really don't need that shit.

Wake me up when December ends!


Toad734 said...

Im for a third party...Actually I am for about 3 more parties....viable parties.

The two party system sucks. I want a "For the people by the people party", as opposed to "For the Oil companies by the Oil companies, or For the corporations and Banks by the corporations and banks" party.

Kucinich's politics aren't nearly as kooky as he is....neither are all of Ron Pauls.

Anonymous said...

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