Monday, October 19, 2009

The NFL and the AOTW

As I went into the weekend, I had planned on both defending Rush Limbaugh in his bid to become a part owner of an NFL team and give him Asshat of the Week.  But since there's at least one bigger asshat this week, President Obama remains the sole two-time "winner" and Truth 101 gets held off another week.

A quick review:  Limbaugh was part of a group that was looking to buy the St Louis Rams.  The information was leaked, which of course ignited a fury among the left, which meant another retread of the tired-assed racist argument being pulled out, with both misquotes, misinterpreted quotes, and made up quotes dragged out.  As a result, the head of the group booted Rush out of necessity.

So let me address a few points (although I really prefer the discussion of policy to dealing with the people behind them):

First, in the case of the business decision, it's not a place for a political hot potato.  So once the shitstorm erupted, I can see the need.  As for Rush, he had to know that the moment this went public, it was going to be attack city, and it was going to cost him.  Look at what happened when he tried his announcing gig.  One quote, an assumption of racism, and that was it.  It was asshattery to think you could get away with doing something without

As for me, I really didn't give a shit whether he owned a team or not.  It's his money to spend, just as it's the money of every liberal to throw their money where they choose.  At most, I'd just not patronize them.  An example would be Ben and Jerry's ice cream.  Probably good stuff, but since they mix flavors with politics, I don't buy their stuff.  But I'm not worried about having them thrown out of the freezer section.

My true refined disgust in this matter is reserved for the fucktards that have to make everything political when it really isn't.  Next you bastards are going to whine because he doesn't do your preferred charity when he's raising money for cancer treatments (because it's not the politically correct cancer).  Actually, this happened with the Pediatric AIDS Foundation a couple decades ago.  Money was lost for a good cause because pieces of shit prefer playing politics to actually helping people.  It's the insanity of taking a generic ism, and raping a person publicly with it.  I don't even care the reason at this point.

Put bluntly (if you've missed it so far),  this automatic "scream when it's an ideological opponent" shit has to stop.  It happens on both sides of the aisle in Congress, and anywhere anybody has a political opinion.  And it's the hallmark of a reactive, unthinking excuse for a mind.

Another thing that has to stop is the pseudoreality of reality TV:

The Heene Family is Asshat of the Week!

A tip to the family of balloon boy from Jon and Kate:  Wait until you've got the money and contract before you start acting like morons. 

Apparently, we as a nation have become so obsessed with getting our 15 minutes (really less than 10 with YouTube limits) that people are concocting stories involving their child disappearing up in a balloon so that they can get a pseudoreality show out of it.  Used to be, it was a cry for help (because publicity stunts are not new to the world).

Really, this is just too damn ridiculous for me to say much more, other than:

If you want to be famous, work your ass off to do so!


Paul said...
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Patrick M said...

AnonyPaul: Thanks for the lobotopinion.

Satyavati devi dasi said...

How many blogs have you posted that identical comment on, Paul?

Did you think we wouldn't notice it was the same comment?

BB-Idaho said...

Perhaps he will invest in Ben & Jerry's ? ..

Z-man said...

Wondering if Al Sharpton wanted to buy the same team what would happen. In terms of the controversy-meter Al and Rush are both up there you could say so let's say the Reverend was denied the same bid I could respect that consistency even if I disagree with that consistency. Better yet make them co-owners.

Patrick M said...

AnonyPaul: Spamming canned responses earns you the boot here....

Z-man: Other than wondering where Al got the money, I'd have no problem with him owning a team. Of course, there's be some tasteless jokes....

Toad734 said...

But he is racist and the NFL knows black players wouldn't play for him so that was a problem they just get to avoid.

You listen to him, how can you say he isn't racist? You should know even more than I would...And I know. Shit, thats one of the reasons so may people like him...because he hates Mexicans (aside from the ones who score his drugs).

Patrick M said...

Toad: I have listened. And I know he's not racist. I've never heard him utter anything that rises to the level of racist (and trust me, I've heard people that DO rise to that level). Some things he said do challenge people on the matter of race, but in dealing with black or Mexican, no. So let me address 3 common examples that would impact the NFL issue:

Barack the Magic Negro - taken from the LA times, this is a mockery of how the race whores (Al Sharpton most prominently) focus on Obama's race to a ridiculous degree, and their assumtion of overwhelming racism in "white" America.

Official Obama Criticizer - This one pushes the envelope because it features his call screener (who is black) criticize Obama in English and in Ebonics. Again, a commentary on how race-obsessed some people are.

Donovan McNabb - Exactly what he said during his stint on ESPN. He said that the media attributed more success than was warranted to McNabb because of the hope that a black quarterback (a position that is not known for its diversity) would succeed. It falls in the same line as the Jimmy the Greek comment about slave breeding being the source of current black sports prowess (which has merit but is politically offensive as all shit).

dmarks said...

Patrick: On "Barack the Magic Negro", remember that part of the sentence "someone telling racist jokes to make ironic points and to condemn other racists" is "someone telling racist jokes".