Monday, October 5, 2009

Fun with Photoshopping, A Request, and the AOTW


Okay, this is one of my first attempts to make an interesting picture of the Obama's arrival to bring the 2016 Olympics to Chicago (and landing 238,857 miles off). I cracked this one off using a free program (Paint.NET) this morning, because I couldn't find anything that satisfied my ego.

Speaking of egos, I'm usually reluctant to quote directly from Rush Limbaugh (because my liberal readers tend to go off the rails in terms of discussion). However, I'm piling onto Obama's failure at something relatively insignificant (as compared to his significant failures), so here we go (full mocking text is here):

Let me put it this way, very simply: "Barack Hussein Obama! Mmm, mmm, mmm," was trying to make Chicago a bright, shining cesspool on a hill, and now look at what happened. He'll now use his "well-honed persuasive skills" which he showed off in Copenhagen with the Iranians. This is the guy who is gonna talk the Iranians into giving up their nuclear weapons. Look for the headline later today: "Republicans Joyful America Loses Olympics, Limbaugh Ecstatic." "Obama Loses, Embarrassed in Denmark." So, my friends, the ego has landed.

Okay, more piling on, courtesy of SNL (nod to Dee for the clip):

FairTax Posts a'Comin'!!!

An Inconvenient Tax - Official Trailer from Life Is My Movie Entertainment on Vimeo.

Without getting into details in this post (because I'm all about piling on today), if there was one cause that I push independent of political persuasion, it's the Fair Tax. But as there is an assload and a half of misinformation and disinformation, I'm going to ask all of you to submit your questions on the Fair Tax. As it is, Americans for Fair Taxation (the group primarily behind support of the Fair Tax) is going to be running a major ad campaign, so it's time to break the subject out. So leave your questions in the comments if they're small, or drop it to my email if it's humungigous.

And now, since I don't want to pile on so much that Obama gets his third AOTW (being that it's far too easy):

Michael Moore is Asshat of the Week!

Before I tear into him, I'll admit to having almost a personal dislike for the man, as he routinely lies through his teeth and distorts everything to fit his worldview. And that blather is on display in his new movie, mistitled (in so many ways) Capitalism: A Love Story. Why do I say mistitled?

(for clarification, I have not and will not be supporting Michael Moore's career by watching this piece of shit, so I'm having to work off of secondhand accounts (even non-hostile ones))

There are two reasons, really. First, he's not talking about capitalism! As usual, he stands outside some company (unable to fit through their door without the requisite stick of butter) and yells stupid things at them. The problem is that the companies that were beneficiaries of the Bush/Obama Dastardly Bastardly bailout. Hint: If the government is propping up companies, it ain't capitalism. These are companies that are trying to pull out a profit despite conflicting, crippling, and misdirecting regulations. And when you keep trying to tinker with capitalism (as opposed to regulation to protect the rights of all people).

Second, and most importantly MICHAEL MOORE IS A CAPITALIST! He produces and sells movies to people, and has amassed a great deal of wealth doing so. Good for him on his success. But it is rank hypocrisy (and asshattery) to come along and attack the very systems (economic and political) that allow you to vomit your shit out.

So if you're the kind of person that isn't big on accuracy in your documentaries, than this waste of film is for you. Of course it means you might be an asshat too.


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Patrick M said...

Thanks for the info, 8.

The fact is that all decent bloggers, from both sides of the political divide, need to support those who need it and we need to clear out the cowardly bastards that have to wave their parts out there like dogs.

Flat out, there's a line between mockery (most of the post above) and the shit that BPB is pulling.