Monday, October 26, 2009

Doing the Research: AOTW

I get to work Friday psyched, with a post I can't wait to write between calls, entitled "Raping the Constitution," with the premise that Obama and his allies are actively in pursuit of, in practice as well as intent, the destruction of the Constitution as we know it.  From Obama's czar frenzy, to government health care, to swallowing industries (financial, automotive), the legislation is there.

Then comes the sheer arrogance of leaders such as Nancy Pelosi and Patrick (blasphemer of my name) Leahey, who dismiss questions about the Constitutionality of their plans, rather than falling back on arguments I can blow out of the water in my sleep (naked, preferably).

But the capstone was something I heard Friday in Rush's first hour (and the source below should tell you where this is going):

Let me put this quote in print so you can reread it, because the words stirred a fire in me when I heard them (thus the need to post):
"... the Constitution allows for many things, but what it does not allow is the most revealing. The so-called Founders did not allow for economic freedom. While political freedom is supposedly a cornerstone of the document, the distribution of wealth is not even mentioned. While many believed that the new Constitution gave them liberty, it instead fitted them with the shackles of hypocrisy."

So I researched this to get the original source.  I found some links, I found the story Rush referenced.  Then I found the original post.  I didn't find the source the post used though, because there wasn't oneThe original post was a fake.

Fuck.  I have to scrap my post.  But as I will kick a man when he is down despite respect for him otherwise:

Rush Limbaugh is Asshat of the Week!

Rush now gets to join the ranks of President Obama as a 2-time AOTW (and one of those times for Obama was one he shares with every POTUS).  For failing to do a fucking Google search for the source, he deserves it.

His source dropped an apology and retraction at the time Rush was reading the original post.

I Googled the alleged source, and he denied it in the first link I checked.

And the idiots at Media Mutilators were posting links to the audio, and finding RACISM!!!!!! to boot (because they're idiots and race-baiting cock blockers).  I hate giving credit where credit is due, but they are due on this one for spotting it first.

In his third hour, Rush did the half-correction though:


Here's the full transcript of those parts of his show. So despite confirming it was satire in the end, he sticks to the argument that this is what Obama thinks.

This highlights two things.  First, when a story is plausible (and I really thought it was) it can get traction really damned fast.  And it can change the discussion in all kinds of ways.

However, that's where the second thing comes in.  One principle I always go with when it's something that is clearly polarizing is that I hunt down the source to quote, rather than relying on others' research.  Because even the best can get facts wrong.  And on the Internet, which contains hard facts, opinions of every stripe, and absolute pointless and/or worthless shit of no consequence (the reason I started my other blog), as well as enough titties and perversions to give me Popeye-arms, you gotta do your damned research! 

Those who don't become asshats.


dmarks said...

Any blog post that mentions "Nancy Pelosi" and "naked" in the same paragraph is scary indeed.

Happy Halloween!

Patrick M said...

Well, you mentioned it in the same sentence, so try this link (there are visible boobs).

TRUTH 101 said...

You and I can level with each other Patrick. Guy to guy here dude. Don't tell me you've never thought you'd like to take at least a quick peek under NP blouse. It's a Dolly Parton thing.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Do we get to see Big Dick Cheney's before and after enhancement photos too????

It's one thing to go after a woman's political philosophy. No problem there. Attack away.

But Patrick. Really. You're linking to photo shopped pics of a 70 year old grandmother and her photo shopped naked breasts??

Um. That's like, not just ugly, but sick.


If they can't beat a woman on an intellectual level; they can always make fun of her tits.


Really classy.


*walks out of the room shaking her head*

Patrick M said...

101: No. Really no. Maybe a vid of her being fucked by Rush Limbaugh. But that's just because it would be wrong in many ways.

Shaw: I didn't start the naked Nancy thing, just hunted down the pic of perky boobs.

And I always take it to the humorous level on the AOTW. Have you looked in the sidebar with the naked Obama on a unicorn slaying the bulbous-assed Rush?

I think you're overreacting a whole lot over nothing.

And since you want to see pics of Cheney:

Here he is adjusting his junk, showing off his sexiness, sporting his new tats. I'd look up more but I haven't found one of Cheney before and after breast implant surgery though (although the search for "dick cheney tits" search was fun.

Photoshopped pics are always fun. If I really want to take someone down a peg, I do tear them apart intellectually. If you can't tell the difference....

dmarks said...

Shaw raised the bar on the laugh-o-meter, by mentioning Nancy Pelosi and "intellectual" in the same sentence. Are there any of her policies that are well thought out? When was the last time she acted in the public interest, as opposed to working to deny our rights, amass excessive personal perks, plunder our property, and foster a society where greedy special interests are tearing us apart?

Toad734 said...

I had a feeling this is how he gets most of his ideas because they are all pretty much just as ridiculous.

Matthew Avitabile said...