Friday, October 9, 2009

Analogies and the New Blog Shuffle

Since it's Friday, here's the video of the week. Just keep our two-party system in mind as you watch (it's a long clip from an older movie, but there's a point):

It occurred to me last night in my post-headache, government-as-a-thief discussion insomnia that the above clip defines the inner workings of our government in Washington.

One side is cool and logical, the other ruled by passion. They argue over who to steal from, listing who will put up the most fight and who can be duped and threatened. In the end, they pull out their guns and rob us. The only problem is that Sam Jackson isn't sitting in the diner with his bad motherfucker wallet and a proclivity to bust a cap in their ass, ready to bring it to a showdown of who has the bigger gun and who really has the power.

In reality, that ultimate power lies with us. They may end up with our money nonetheless, but only if we allow them to. And that's the hope we have in our trip to the ballot box.

And now, blog announcements:

For the time, I'm going to take down "Stories from the Front Row" until I decide what I want to do with it. Mainly, this is because I've really lost interest in it. I'm going to keep the poetry blog going for right now, because I like to occasionally churn something out.

But one other thing I've noticed is that I find my opinions limited a little (stop laughing, it's true) in running this political blog. So I'm going to get more personal and more revealing (although no pics of my dimply, hairy, white ass) in a new blog, frighteningly entitled "...the uncensored mind of Patrick M. I'm going to be working on the shape and look of the blog over the weekend, as well as eventually post something. So if you go there, expect nothing (yet).

However, that doesn't mean I'm going to abandon this blog. Sir, no Sir! I'm just going to try to raise the tone of this illustrious piece of shit (come on, stop laughing) and use the other blog to drop my incessant stories that come with being a single dad, a mind torn between conservative/libertarian politics and the draw of shocking and obscene media, and an all around sad motherfucker (thus the whining about the nonexistent dating scene and excessive masturbatory and gay references).

Hell, I might even cross-post some content (although it will be only parts, not necessarily whole posts). After all, our visceral reactions and our public statements are often two different things. I don't want to mix them.

So let's hop to it....


Anonymous said...

Good luck with it Patrick. When you get it up and running, let me know, I'll be there! Lately, I just haven't had the time and energy to put something out there. I don't know if I am just annoyed at the blogospere or what, but hopefully I will think of something mind blowing soon.

Patrick M said...

It's technically up and running. I just haven't formatted it the way I want or posted anything yet.

Toad734 said...

Steal from??

Ok, let me set the record straight here, if it weren't for taxes, you would be speaking Japanese right now. End of story.

Patrick M said...

Toad: I don't think I've ever advocated that nobody pay any taxes. in fact, taxes are as necessary an evil as government.

However, when the two parties collude to take more and more money from more and more people to expand their power base, it sure as fuckfire is theft.