Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stimulus and Stuff

This is from the "WTF is this in the stimulus bill for?" bin:

Apparently, some of the wasted stimulus money did stimulate. Not the economy though. From
The National Endowment for the Arts may be spending some of the money it received from the Recovery and Reinvestment Act to fund nude simulated-sex dances, Saturday night "pervert" revues and the airing of pornographic horror films at art houses in San Francisco.
I'll let you read all the details on your own, although the picture at the right says it all (and if I have to say it, I have to make this an adult site).

Now while I don't have problems with art pushing the boundaries (and buttons, protrusions and orifici) of decency (after all, that's sometimes the point), this is the kinkiest example so far of government wasting money on things that have nothing to do with stimulating the economy (except the hand lotion or tube sock industry), or with any legitimate function of government.
Now if they would just add this to PBS, then I'd have something to watch, and I'd get something out of the tax dollars wasted there.

So what will they be funding with "stimulus" money next? Let's see....

(note: These videos have nothing to do with the preceding post. I was searching for something relevant and this is what I found.)


The Wordsmith said...

Your "asshat" of the week Sgt James Crowley (because actually racial profiling black professors would have saved his ass some grief)

Maybe he has stronger moral convictions than you do. Maybe his
dignity and character mean more to him than it does to you! It may not be easy for you or anyone else to stand alone in what they believe but it seems to mean very much to him.. I think he was great to refuse to compromise his ethical beliefs under the extream pressure was in.
So he may be a "asshat" to you, but he IS a HERO to me.

TAO said...

Ah, Patrick...

Is Wordsmith one of your fellow conservatives?

Patrick M said...

Wordsmith: Did you actually read the post?

(this ain't that post, click the pic to read it)

Had you done so, you probably wouldn't have left the comment (in the wrong place).

Tao: Actually, he's only the first person that can't seem to comment on the actual post.

Anonymous said...

Our stimulus money spent on porn. Ya gotta love this country!! No matter that we may not have a house or a roof over our heads, we have sex dances and that is what is truly important after all. The economy is cured.

rockync said...

Patrick - you really must stopping watching FOX, it will eat your brain.
The NEA was appropriated $50 million with which they,"plan to expedite distribution of critical funds at the national, regional, state, and local levels for projects that focus on the preservation of jobs in the arts."
These are one time grants to any eligible nonprofit arts group that want to apply. They then must pass an application review process.
The NEA has made a one time $50,000 grant to Frameline Film House in SF, which is a gay venue and yes they do film and show some risque stuff. Not my cup of tea, but not illegal either.
This "Perverts Puts Out!" show is a sort of vaudevillian thing meant to be humorous - hardly a hard core perverted sex show and, in fact, Counterpulse, the actual organization receiving the grant, got a grant for their dance programs - not to fund Pervs.
Geez - do your homework, Patrick!
Just the Hysteria Network taking another homophobic dig.
I'm really surprised at you supporting that kind of bigotry.

rockync said...

BTW - the NEA also issued grants to the Art Institute of Boston, the Buffalo Philharmonic, the Chicago Architecture Foundation and the American Society of Landscape Architects, just to name a few...

Toad734 said...

Of course these people don't complain when government money is used to go to churches and faith based orgaizations who brainwash people and spread hate and or refuse services based on religion...Assuming of course it goes to the same religion they belong to.

TRUTH 101 said...

At least all those that got brainwashed kept their clothes on Toad!

Hmmm. This conservative thing is kind of fun. And it's alot easier also. Just watch a few minutes of FOX News. Don't question anything it says and act angry.

Just Little Ole Me said...

Patrick M said...
Wordsmith: Did you actually read the post?

(this ain't that post, click the pic to read it)

Had you done so, you probably wouldn't have left the comment (in the wrong place).



Patrick M said...

Jenn: I'm restraining myself from further comment you know. I've got too many perverted thoughts to comment further. :)

Rocky: For clarification, I know Fox News is blowing it out of proportion (the "Perverts Put Out" looks pretty good, actually). My problem is the financing of all the stuff (both in the post and the stuff you mention) under the auspices of "stimulus."

I just thought I'd have fun with the story, because at least this government-funded naked dance is in the open (as opposed to horny congressmen). Then again we could get more bang (in a couple of ways) for our buck if we just had webcams traind on our more "recreational" representatives.

Actually, that could be a new revenue source for the government.

Back to the serious: When we're running insane deficits, it's stuff like this that should be the first cut (because it doesn't really stimulate anything).

Toad: FYI, I'd have the same problem if the stimulus money was going to fund religious displays.

101: At least all those that got brainwashed kept their clothes on Toad!

That's probably a good thing. Saggy boobs.

JLOM: You didn't check out the post either, did you?

I made fun of Wordsmith because he missed the point of that post.

And you have proved yourself incapable of doing so even when you probably should, as well as being able to articulate any reason why I'm Asshat of the Year, as well as an inability to articulate in a reasonable tone (fyi, caps means you're shouting).

Please let me know when you have anything substantial to add, or just stop screwing your dog long enough to read.