Monday, May 18, 2009

Misc-sellaneous Stuffage

Because it's a Monday and I feel like phoning it in....

Disruptive Protesters - It started with the blithering idiots of Code Pinko. This time, one of the shrews was stalking Donald Rumsfeld, screaming "war criminal" in his ear every three seconds as he arrived at the White House Correspondents Dinner. I refuse to waste space with vids of these whores, but here's a link. And on that link, there was the usual discussion (or excuse making) about how this shit is free speech.

Now as you know, I (and every blogger worth a tinkers damn) believes in the value of free speech. But like every other blogger, we have to maintain at least a minimal control over our portion of free speech (moderation). The reason we do so is to avoid interrupting legitimate conversations and disagreements with spam, trolling, and all other forms of disruptive crap. Put it bluntly, there are people (or animals like the Code Pinkos) that don't want to express a viewpoint; they seek to disrupt people doing so. And we should line these asshats (both Pinko and Alan Keyes) up, and smack each one in the back of the head. Hard. Maybe jolt some sense loose. And if not, there's always waterboarding.

By the way, I mention Alan Keys because he's gotten really goofy, although he wasn't one of the idiots trying (and failing) to interrupt President Obama at Notre Dame.

Obama and Notre Dame - I'm not going to get into the details of the speech (where the Prez had the stones (or telepromper) to reference abortion at a Catholic university), as I really don't care. However, as a nearly totally lapsed Catholic myself, and having sat through a myriad of Sundays listening to the same sermon about the evils of abortion, I'm surprised that Notre Dame had him speak in the first place, despite his status as President, as well as conferring the ol' honorary degree. I'm not necessarily offended (a rarity), but for a faith that is so focused on the subject (as opposed to anything else), it makes me wonder if the Catholics outside the hierarchy of the Church have a severe disconnect with their leaders in the cloth. I know that my beliefs and Church teachings have seriously parted ways on many fronts. Come to think of it, this is how we ended up with so many branches of Christianity in the first place.

Nancy Pelosi - I've sidestepped the whole interrogation/torture debate because too many of my liberal readers have been going on their own blogs about it with the fervor of pro-lifers. But Nancy is tripping over her own tongue trying to make it out of the political blast radius on this one. Because, apparently she wasn't bothered by waterboarding until she saw it as a political football. Oh well. I'll let this one stew a little more, as I'm sure she's just getting warmed up for the next Asshat of the Week. I'll decide later.

The Cause of Global Warming - While working on a future post where I'll bake my theories on God and faith the rest of the way, I found a conclusive chart that explains the whole of global warming:

At least I'm not asking you to comment like a pirate.


Satyavati devi dasi said...

I think you're right; I think the Church is on its way to another schism. It doesn't seem like the Vatican and the average Catholic are riding the same bus anymore.

dmarks said...

In Obama's second book, he mentions meeting George W. Bush for the first time:

Bush then noted that he and Obama had something in common.

"We both had to debate Alan Keyes," the president said. "That guy's a piece of work, isn't he?"

Gayle said...

Thanks for not asking us to comment like pirates, Donald. :)

I saw the video of that idiot screaming "war criminal" at Rumsfeld. Such people simply have no class. I would feel demoralized if I ever acted in such a manner. It's the same reason I don't visit liberal blogs and leave hateful comments like some liberals do on our blogs. "Class". One either has it or doesn't, and we have a bunch of nutjobs who don't even know what it is.

As for Nancy Pelosi... PPPHHHHTTTTT! She's already made asshat of the week, Donald.

I'll stay away from religion. I know what my beliefs are and that's what's important to me.

In Southern Venezuala there's a river named the Erebato River, and the natives there won't drink out of it for any reason. They'll cross it to drink out of a stream instead. They believe that many of their anscestors were carried off by a large bat that ate them, then it would poop in that river. As far as I'm concerned it's more believable than Global Warming. :)

Gayle said...

And please forgive me for calling you "Donald", Patrick. I'm being distracted by a very large Black Lab named Sweety, who is insisting I play Tug of War with her.


Patrick: After banishment from Professor Douglas' American Power, does the nice lady Gayle's referring to you as "Donald" mean I'm banned here also?

And of course, Excellent post patrick.