Saturday, March 14, 2009

Updates on my Slackification, International Asshattery and the AOTW

As you might have notices, I've been away from the blogosphere for the most part. There's a whole list of things that are the cause.

First, I have been a little burnt out (thus resorting to giving myself the Asshat of the Week award last week), so I was slowed down. But I'd have managed nonetheless.

But last weekend, I thought I was having allergy issues, as I was stuffed up and sleepy as hell. So I got lagged out. Then a few days later, the problem became apparent when one of my teeth (famous for fillings falling out) decided to get its abscess on. For the record, this is my second one, the first causing me agony several years ago on opening day of deer season. This one, however, has pain coming and going (and I feel it coming now).

So I'll be getting that cut out Monday morning. This will make work much more fun, as I will go to work and spend hours on the phone talking. Thankfully, as I have no problem watching people cut into my mouth once I'm numbed, I don't have to go under general anesthesia. Thus, there will only be pain, not loopiness.

The other reason is that, as a result of both procrastination, laziness, and this week of feeling shitty, my apartment got worse off than before. And as a consequence, I've been slowly trying to get it back up to snuff. The only problem with that, though, is that my main computer got somewhat buried and I need to clean it all up before I'm ready to roll from there again. And I got playing on another game, of course, because I had to test out the kids new computer setup (my secondary computer).

So once I get back up to speed, I'm going to try to kick it into high gear. And if I can find a laptop cheap enough, then I can do some serious typing while sitting where the kids are (including outside).

So that's what happened. And now, lets get to the fun part:

I was initially considering UN Sexretary-General Ban Ki-Moon for Asshat of the Week after he called the United States a "deadbeat donor" this week. But I think I'm going to save it for another week. the UN, of course, is Asshat Central. The fact that they make the Chicago political machine look honest, have no real power, shit on us while hand jobbing dicktators (misspelling intentional), turn most every well-intentioned project into a trans-national spaztastic clusterfuck, and have many agendas that run counter to our Constitution, all while being supported generously by us (including that building that I hope is the first wiped out when the seas rise from global warming).

Now while I don't have a problem with the concept behind the UN, I think locking them out of the building and imploding it just before shipping them off to a country that ends in "-stan" would send an appropriate message as to how much of a waste of bureaucratic refuse they really are. They're not even deserving of this week's award simply because they suck too much.

Speaking of sucking, there's someone who has earned the award (and a life sentence) this week who, still speaking of sucking, should be forced to do so in the prison shower.

Bernie Madoff is Asshat of the Week!

Okay, easy target, but AOTW is not meant to be the deepest or most philosodophical of all my posts. It's basically so we can revel in mocking someone for who they are. And since it's up to my capricious self to do so....

I suspect few of us that play in the blogosphere got money sucked out of their pockets by this criminal. But for those he "made" money for and those he suckered, there has to be both a sickening feeling that they missed the obvious and desire to distrust anyone who says they can give you a good return. It even makes investing in a good stuffing mattress almost seem worthwhile.

The worst part of this is that there were many aspects of his life that were legitimate. He worked hard from average beginnings. He was innovative enough that he created the technology that created the NASDAQ. And he became a powerful force in the charitable contributions circuit.

Of course, charities were part of the scheme.

I can understand crimes of passion. I can understand people who murder, rape, steal. But I have no clue how someone can be so deceitful that they can present such a face in public and be pulling such an elaborate and large criminal enterprise for so long. It boggles my mind and makes me trust less.

So it's just a matter of seeing what happens to your ass (literally) in jail, Bernie. No soap on a rope for you!


Dave Miller said...

hang in there patrick. hopefully soon you'll get a needed recess from the pain of the abscess.

Patrick M said...

Thanks for the rhyme, Dave. Although, now that my tooth is in a trash can, I've simply traded a tooth that hurts for a hole in my mouth and a jaw that hurts (from tugging a big ol' tooth out (it was a molar).