Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Renaming Porkulus Now That (sh)It's Signed

Reader Warning: I am not attempting to be very objective or rational in this post. As such I will be using the kinds of obscenities last unleashed when I commented on the Dastardly Bastardly Bailout's infamous passage. In that sense, it's equal time tongue lashing. You have been warned.

Well, it's done. The piece of shit bill known as Porkulus is now a fully function expansion of government.

The fuckwit-in-chief signed it into law today after the shithead Democrats in the House and Senate, along with the three soulless minions of evil (Sens. Specter, Snowe, Collins), sold my children and their children down a river of fucking debt, along with any hope I ever had for restraint by government. Fuck them all. Fuck them up their stupid asses.

Also, piss on the governors who couldn't get their shit together and fix their own states, whining instead for more bailouts form Washington or assraping their citizens with taxes on everything. And All the Democrat governors, as well as Republican governors Schwarzenegger, Crist, Douglas and Rell should be chucked out on their stupid asses for rank fucking incompetence.

It's the whole problem that government can't seem to cut a damn thing when in reality there's a whole lot of waste and shit going on. Daily. And this bill, which I shall rename the Bullshit! package now that we're stuck with it, is emblematic of the problem.

Now, as to the title of the post, I'm now calling it the Bullshit! package because it's the most apt description of this desecration of America I can come up with.

Also, every time I hear anything about it, I yell "BULLSHIT" at the TV, which of course isn't the best thing for the kids to hear. But we'll see.

Oh, and before anyone who thinks I've gone off the deep end wants to comment, try to explain how the Bullshit! package is going to stimulate the economy (bullshit) or save or create 4 million jobs (bullshit) or restore confidence (Wall St says bullshit). If you can convince me, then I'll shut the fuck up.

Okay, spleen has been vented. I'll manage to curse less in the next post. But verbally ripping asses is a cathartic thing. So now I have to find something completely different to detox myself on. So smile folks.


Gordon said...

What you wrote.

Anonymous said...

Tell us how you really feel! I agree with this completely, cursing and all! This package was as bad as Bush's and liberals went nuts over that, so to do any less here is just plain out hypocritical or stupid. Piling on debt for generations and generations for the shit (to use your word) that was in this bill is beyond irresponsible and stupid. It's dangerous for our country. I've listened to a couple people try and defend it and my answer is the same as yours....Bullshit!

Shaw Kenawe said...

Careful, Patrick. If the melonhead in South Carolina has his way, you'd be in jail for what you just wrote:

South Carolina State Senator Robert Ford is
trying to outlaw lewd language and profanity

From the Swash Zone:

"According to the language of the bill: “It is unlawful for a person in a public forum or place of public accommodation wilfully and knowingly to publish orally or in writing, exhibit, or otherwise make available material containing words, language, or actions of a profane, vulgar, lewd, lascivious, or indecent nature.”

In the Peoples Republic of South Chinalina, if you use lewd language, it will be considered a felony, resulting in a fine of up to $5,000 or a prison term of up to five years, or both.

The language is overly broad ... the mentality miniscule. If you hit your thumb with a hammer, make sure you say “ouch” because if you say “$hit” in front of a witness, you have committed a felony. Bible thumpers of the Bible belt beware! Strip Tear out the Songs of Solomon before you give, lend, or sell any Bible to any person. Even the “Word of God” may be considered profane and illegal. And why send juvenile offenders to prison? Just build a jail around the entire high school."

dmarks said...

Jennifer: Some people think it is a good idea to half a poor children's health-care program provide free health-care for rich adults.

Patrick M said...

Shaw: I have prepared a response for the senator from South Carolina:

Fuck fucking Senator fucking Robert fucking For-fucking-duh with a fucking shit-fucking-stained fucking fuckstick.

Was that enough to get me a life sentence? Or maybe contempt of Congress (so I can frame it)? :)

Toad734 said...

You know, your children were sent down a river of debt when Bush signed the tax cuts and invaded Iraq. I didn't hear you bitching about that debt. This is just a couple billion more and Iraq is still going so it may end up equaling the same amount. The difference here is that the Tax Cuts didn't work and Iraq hasn't worked and hasn't made anything better. So lets give equal time here and be fair and stop pretending the that its the Democrats who are the tax and spend people because its the Republicans who are the tax and spend and squander people.

At least this bailout/stimulus may help and if it doesn't the housing bill he was talking about today will. In fact, they should have just dumped the whole 800 billion stimulus package and put more into the housing bill. This housing bill is the only one to date which is actually dealing with the issues which got us into this mess. The 800 billion is just a band aid.

Toad734 said...

And by the way, you know where this debt comes from? We, the Feds, print money, then lend it to us (the government) at interest. So in other words we are robbing Peter to pay Paul. Why would we charge interest to ourselves? That doesn't make any sense...except when you figure out that money, without gold to back it up, is useless without debt. In otherwords, we will always be in debt. The good news is we can invent money out of nothing, like the Fed and all the major banks do, to pay it off. You know, except for the interest we owe ourselves.

And you thought we had too much regulation?

Shaw Kenawe said...

I have a deal for all the Republicans who hate the stimpak:

If (Darwin forbid) you or any member of your family or extended family are laid-off within the next few months, do not take the extended unemployment benefits included in the package, do not take ANY benefits that would help you or your family through this real and devastating economic downturn.

If you lose your health benefits--take your kiddies to the emergency room when they have an earache, or (Darwin forbid) worse--if you should have the misfortune of coming down with a life-threatening disease that needs complicated intervention and expensive drugs, DON'T ACCEPT any help that is offered in this bill.

Don't make use of any public facility that is built or improved.

Ride out this horrible time with your pride in tact, and your family in ruin.

Of course, this is foolishness.

But the news right now is that those Republicans who were so triumphantly against this bill and eager to be on the losing side, are now eagerly awaiting the funds to help their communities.

If there is a worse form of hypocrisy, I haven't learned of it yet. There seem to be no bounds to it in the GOP these days.

Arthurstone said...

This is interesting:


Patrick M said...

Toad: This is just a couple billion more...

No. The war is around only $500 billion after all these years. The stupid TARP was $750 billion. The FED has thrown out around $2 TRILLION (with a fucking T). And the Bullshit! package, with interest, will be in the trillions. And from what Obama has indicated, this is the first Bullshit! package.

At least this bailout/stimulus may help...

Bullshit! How is this piece of shit going to help stimulate?

The 800 billion is just a band aid.

Now THAT is the truth.

And you thought we had too much regulation?

I do. And that's how the government and the corporations that have bought into the government can play shell games and suck cash.

Shaw: So yo avoid the question of how the Bullshit! package will stimulate the economy (which is bullshit) and just list how it will help people stay chained to the ever bloating government.

Still means the advertised purpose of the bill (stimulating the economy) is complete Bullshit!

Arthur: There's good and bad in that article. But there's one line that caught my attention in that article that may indicate you see the light:

After taking a look at the summary for the stimulus package, which appears misnamed because the one thing it probably won't do is provide stimulus, I'm wondering what we are paying our representatives to do. I'm pretty sure I didn't vote to bankrupt the country last November.

dmarks said...

Toad: The tax cuts helped the economy, and the charts I saw showed that revenues were greater after they were made. However, the charts were incomplete, so I am looking for more complete information.

"This housing bill is the only one to date which is actually dealing with the issues which got us into this mess."

Great point.

Arthurstone said...


Absolutely not.

$3 Trillion +.

Washington Post March 9, 2008. Page B01.

Pissed away with nary a peep from the right side of the aisle.

TRUTH101 said...

I go thriugh this horseshit you spout about government waste every election cycle Discourse Guy. And in 33 years of working on Democratic campaigns, I have yet to see any opponent actually spell out what he would cut. The TRUTH is, you and your republican cronies would not cut anything. The republican party's message is a big lie. Less this and less that. You govern opposite from what you preach. The people are fed up with the lies. You jokers lost on 06. 08. And your going to lose again in 2012 because poor deluded fools like yourself refuse to see the light of TRUTH. You will spout you bullshit and continue pandering to bigots, homophobes and idiots like Joe the plumber.

Toad734 said...

I belive Iraq has already cost us 600 billion and agian, we will be there for at least another year which is probably close to another 100 billion. Although, with Bush gone, I doubt all his friends will still be getting these no bid contracts with endless check books like they when they were pulling the strings for him. Still, it's not over and its still bleeding money.

I said the stimulus bill might help...a little and will do more than the last one did but all the energy and focus should have been on housing and mortgages from the get go which is the plan he was talking about yesterday which sounded great. In theory with the housing bill, I can go to my lender and adjust my loan to reflect the current value and therefore make timely payments based on that current value, not the 2003 value. If banks and lenders don't do that they A. Don't get any federal money and B. have a useless property they can sell which they have to maintain and pay taxes on. This should have happened a year ago!


If the tax cuts helped, why is the economy so fucked and why are we broke. From my understanding we would have more money in the treasury if we didn't cut taxes on rich people.

Patrick M said...

Arthur: You're reduced to quoting ancient papers now? As though you can't find a link. When You can give me a number or an explanation of said numbers, then I'll get back to you.

101: I go thriugh this horseshit you spout about government waste every election cycle...

First, I think you missed my alternative to the Bullshit package, because I pretty much laid out a case for cutting almost EVERYTHING.

Second, you mistake me for a Republican. I gave up on them getting it right when it matters some time back.

You jokers lost on 06. 08.

Yes they did. Because they stopped being conservatives and started spending like drunk whores on crack (as you indicated).

Now, do you have anything other than angry talking points to add?

Toad: OK, I'll go with $600 billion. It's still Less than Obama's managed to waste in a month, and less than last year's stupid bailout.

I said the stimulus bill might help...a little and will do more than the last one did but all the energy and focus should have been on housing and mortgages from the get go

Bullshit it will. If anything the last one showed what happens when the government just throws money at the problem. I will agree that they may be able to make something happen if they focused all their effort on a major source of the bleeding, although we may disagree on how they should do so.

If the tax cuts helped, why is the economy so fucked and why are we broke.

I can answer that. The political class in Washington hasn't figured out that the need to actually shrink the damned government. It got worse under Bush, and even worse under Obama.

Toad734 said...

Ok, Obama has been in office for 3 weeks, I dont think he has grown the government yet. And even if he does, it will probably never grow as much as it did over the last 8 years. Seriously, you need to stop calling yourself a Republican; they don't believe what you believe in.

But yes we are both right, the government added who knows how many agencies and took over 2 countries under Bush and on top of that cut their tax revenue intake. So the reasons we are broke are:
1. Tax Cuts, less income
2. Expanded government agencies and power
3. 2 Wars, one poorly executed, one unnecesarry and poorly executed.
4. Shrunken Economy due to Tax Cuts, 2 wars which decrease the value of the dollar and no regulation of the financial and mortgage industry, i.e. greed.

And it looks like you have a new fan.

dmarks said...

Toad said: "Ok, Obama has been in office for 3 weeks, I dont think he has grown the government yet. And even if he does, it will probably never grow as much as it did over the last 8 years".

Actually, you need to get up to date a little with a bill that President Obama signed just two days ago. With this bill, he grows the government a lot, and is doing so at a faster rate than GWB. He is on track to incresse the national debt within 4 years by a greater amount than Bush did in 8.

Arthurstone said...

Heh. Heh.

Well Patrick CNN in November has war associated costs in the Middle East at $2 Trillion. Right in line with the 'ancient' piece in the Washington Post estimate of $3 Trillion before we're finished.

But I feel your pain. Here you whipped yourself into a frenzy bemoaning the costs to your children & their children incurred by the stimulus package when in reality their legacy has been compromised already by the Iraq/Afghanistan fiasco.


TRUTH101 said...

C'mon Patrick. Stop with the "I'm not a Republican" nonsense. They all say that now. And give me some specifics Brother. How much would you scale back defense? Social Security. Medicare? Don't give me that lame across the board horseshit. That's unimaginative and just a pander to right wingers and people that are too lazy or stupid to think and pay attention.

Patrick M said...

Toad: Ok, Obama has been in office for 3 weeks, I dont think he has grown the government yet.

Bullshit. What did he just sign?

...you need to stop calling yourself a Republican...

Did that.

So the reasons we are broke are (if you remove the whiny "last 8 years" mantra):

1. Expanded government agencies and power
2. Conflicting, politically driven, and ineffective regulation.
3. A psychological fault of living off debt.

Arthur: I love how you fail to cite any clickable (or pasteable) sources for your inflated numbers. So let me go and Google and take the first site:


Strangely, they agree with the $600 billion number. And that was the first site on the search. And they don't look to conservative to me.

Although adding everything possible in to inflate those numbers is asinine hackery (the Post article). Your (and the Post's) numbers are bullshit.

101: Stop with the "I'm not a Republican" nonsense.

Considering the number of philosophical disagreements I have with the GOP, I can do no less. Only their lack of power and my considerations for a political future have stopped me from joining the Libertarian party.

And you really haven't read down the posts, have you?

How much would you scale back...

The post is Alternative to Porkulus. To save you the time reading:
Defense - 10%. To get this, we close the Cold War bases and operate more off the carriers. We also start doing more with less. The exception is active war zones.
Social Security - Immediately raise the retirement age by 1 year, with additional increases for us younger folk. Beyond that, I haven't come up with a solution.
Medicare - 5%. I don't know how to get this, as 5 minutes convinced me it would take hours of research I don't have.


Arthurstone said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Arthurstone said...

Heh. Heh.

Sorry Patrick but the acknowledged costs of the war $600B are only the down payment. Interest. Long term medical care. The ongoing occupation. All have to be counted. And the stimulus package you've been venting about as mortgaging your kiddos future has already been pre-empted by the costs of our excellent adventure in the Middle East. This will be the 'gift' that keeps on giving. And giving. And giving.

Ron Paul knows:


So does the rest of the world:


But if the best things in life are free and, as Readers Digest claims, laughter is the best medicine, thanks for the best line of the day. If not the week.

"Considering the number of philosophical disagreements I have with the GOP, I can do no less. Only their lack of power and my considerations for a political future have stopped me from joining the Libertarian party."

PatrickM GOP 2012?

Don't let the discovery of a flirtation with the libertarians hold you back. Sarah Palin pals around with secessionists and that hasn't deterred her from wrapping herself in the old red, white and blue when convenient.

Nope. You've got what the GOP wants, needs and demands.

In spades.


Patrick M said...

Arthur: You should know better than to quote the mad ravings of Ron Paul. As for the other link, if you factor every known cost in the world that might be related to having an army, you might get a number that high. However, I'm sure Obama will set everything right and daisies will sprout from the rifle barrels.

But to cover everything:

I'll give you interest as a part of overall debt. But interest on $600 billion over 5 years vs $850 billion over 3 weeks. And that's on top of our existing debt, plus the next rounds of "stimulus" bullshit. This year.

Long term medical care.
I'm assuming you mean combat injuries. We'll take care of them over the years as we always have. Do you have a number or can we just round that off to a few (like 3) billion? I couldn't find a clear number in the second link (partially because it read like a moonbat post).

The ongoing occupation.

What occupation? If you're referring to forces in Iraq, 1. they're not occupiers, 2. they are in the process of pulling out (because Iraq is functioning now), and 3. perhaps it wouldn't have been such a burden (financially) if we had gone over there to take the oil as you probably believe we did.

Patrick M said...

Two other points:

Sure, I'll run in 2012. Although I was really thinking a little smaller than that. But if you want to help, I could use support for everyone that wants the greatness of me to replace the same old politics of Bush and Obama.

Plus, the reason to rejoin the GOP to run for an office would be wholly financial.

You've got what the GOP wants, needs and demands.


Obviously, you never saw me back in the days when I was pissed off. All the time. Now I can barely stay pissed off enough to write a pissed off post. Most of the time I'm too smiley to be considered pissed. And sometimes I wish I was pissed (in the British sense). Then my posts would be even more entertaining (but certainly not perpetually pissed).

And if I was pissed, I'd just call you an idiot and moonbat after every comment you left (and you know what blogs I'm talking about).

Okay, Now I have to go and piss.

Arthurstone said...

Heh. Heh.

Well you wouldn't be the first guy to go into politics for the money.

Talk about the same old politics.


Patrick M said...

Arthur: Well you wouldn't be the first guy to go into politics for the money.

Who said I'd go into politics for the money?

Not me.

But you need money to run for office, and I don't have any. And being that I have connections in the local GOP, I'd use the available resources to get elected.

Then I'd probably proceed to piss off the power brokers by unleashing esoteric points accompanied by masturbation references while quoting movies no one else has seen.

In other words, they'd be treated to speeches that read like most of my posts.

Arthurstone said...

Nor the first to compromise ones principles for 'available resources'.