Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bitter Playlist and AOTW

First, it is now February 1. The season of hate has begun. (begin the playlist and read on)

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For those of you who missed last year's descent into madness (all of you), I didn't really do anything, as we were in the midst of the primary debacle. But this year, it's time to revive one of my old traditions that I've been going with for over a decade. I take the first two weeks of the month, leading up to the day of darkness itself, and celebrate the loneliness, bitterness, and hate that all of us who do not have someone feel as an incessant rush to shove images of people buying shit for the people they love in our faces during every damned commercial break (don't even get me started on the diamond whores) overtakes us in the obsessive garbage that is associated with the Hallmark holiday of V-day.

Thus, the playlist. If I'm feeling particularly pissed on that day, I'll let my full spleen vent. Until then, just enjoy wallowing in the hate.

And now, as his dumb ass is finally and officially gone:

Governor Rod Blagojevich is Asshat of the Week

I've been waiting for him to get the boot for a long time just so I could give him a sweet serenade. Also, I'm sure the Chicago crowd that visits here could give him a reaming for just being himself. So let's look at some of the highlights (I'm sure I missed some, but does accuracy matter?):
  • He's a Chicago machine bitch with perma-hair.
  • He 's got a crazy wife who's... a crazy wife.
  • He can't even get along with his own party (because he's a dick).
  • He had popularity ratings that made Congress look good.
  • He ran up debt like a crack addict (or Congress).
  • He got caught trying to sell Obama's senate seat.
  • He got arrested and hauled away for said corruption.
  • He went on like a lunatic while the state moved to get him impeached.
  • Instead of fighting the impeachment, he went on a world media tour.
  • When he finally showed up, he gave a long blather about everything but the impeachment.
In the end, the Illinois sate Senate voted unanimously to boot this irrational bastard out of state politics forever. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, Blago.

I'm just curious how asshats like this get elected?!?!?!?


TAO said...

Lets see, just a quick flip through current history...

Cunningham, asshat.

Stevens, asshat.

Craig, asshat.

Foley, asshat.

Clinton, asshat.

Then we got the treasury guy and Dashcle and their taxes. Which we need to thank Obama for because through his vetting process his staff has cleaned up quite a bit of asshat stuff on their taxes. Realistically, we should allow Obama vetting team to go through the taxes of every politican and we just might solve our debt problem.

Do asshats make good politicans or does being a politican make one eventually become an asshat?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Do asshats make good politicans or does being a politican make one eventually become an asshat?

I think it's a little bit of each.

The last non-asshat we had as president, IMHO, was Harry Truman.

It's too early to judge President Obama.

When Republican Congressmen/women messed up during Bush's admin., it wasn't his responsibility. It's the responsibility of the people who elected them.

Arthurstone said...

Two solid weeks of you feeling sorry for yourself Patrick?


Shaw Kenawe said...

OT. And Patrick, you can dump this because it's not on topic, but I've surfed all the right wing blogs on your list and others that I check in on and not one of them is reporting the amazing story that Gov. Palin supports Pres. Obama's stimulus package.

Shouldn't the right be all abuzz over this?

I've covered it on my blog, but I've not seen it anywhere on the right.

Why is that?

Patrick M said...

Tao: Do asshats make good politicans or does being a politican make one eventually become an asshat?

Politicians eventually prove themselves to be asshats.

Shaw: Asshattery is not a constant condition (Blago being one of the exceptions. You wind in and out of it. That's why I just name someone asshat for that particular week.

And as for Sarah, I think you just gave me a post to write.

*psychotic angry look*

Arthur: Actually, I prefer loneliness, then bitterness, then hate. It's actually fun.

It's about NOT feeling sorry for myself. Crank the playlist and sing along. Especially "song for the Dumped" and "She Hates Me." It's great to sing these out loud.

dmarks said...

Blago gets some mention in the new quiz on my blog.

TAO said...

I think the picture Shaw has with Obama and Palin pretty much sums up our two party system in a nutshell...its a classic.

Just remember patrick....

A woman's got to do what a woman's got to do....

Shaw Kenawe said...


If you had an anonymous PO Box number, I'd be able to send you my famous double chocolate chocolate chip, chocolate nut brownies with chocolate chocolate butter cream frosting, drizzled with chocolate sauce for V-tines Day.

I've been know to serve these in my edible chocolate _______(fill in the blank) while singing "Heart of Glass."

You know all your female commenters would get into a cat fight over you, don't you?

Well, Ive managed to include just about every sexist stereotype in the book, haven't I.

*runs out of the room sobbing*

TAO said...

I don't know about patrick but I believe that would get you a senate seat in Kentucky....

Toad734 said...

How, the dude before him is sitting in prison. In Illinois, you just vote for the guy who isn't in jail.

Arthurstone said...

Patrick wondered:

'I'm just curious how asshats like this get elected?!?!?!?

That's easy. An incurious, ill-informed and easily fooled electorate making a seemingly endless series of bad choices in a game which is, sadly, fixed.

Now Elvis, sorry Blagojevich, may be a particularly egregious example of the species he really isn't all that out of the ordinary. Both sides of the aisle are filled with compliant, none-too-bright empty suits eager to pander both to voters and to donors in order to 'serve the people'.

We can't all be bank presidents.