Sunday, February 22, 2009

An AOTW Long Overdue

As it's my off weekend, I've been playing with kids, rocking the PS2 (I'm a cheap bastard), and generally avoiding the cleaning I've been putting off all week (I did get their bedroom reassembled (again)). So I had to try to remember a statement I heard that gave me the reason to finally get this one rubbed out.

But my brain failed (Update Below!!!). However, that won't stop me from doing what I have been waiting for. Thus, I do some searching to clarify.

First, a little nod to President Obama.

Report: Obama Expanding Pakistan Missile Strikes

I do have to give credit where credit is due. And hopefully, his actions in Pakistan (doing some serious damage to terrorists) keep up. Only in making sure these bastards keep dying can we keep our country safe. And for all that he said during the campaign, the President hasn't gone completely left. Must have been those security briefings.

While I was reading this, I also found this article:

Poll: Obama More Popular Than Jesus, Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.
Jesus came in second on a list that includes God, Mahtma Gandhi and George Washington.

Other historic or notable figures making the top 10 were Martin Luther King Jr., Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, Abraham Lincoln, John McCain, John F. Kennedy, U.S. Airways pilot Chesley Sullenberger and Mother Teresa.

I'll let you all read the rest. It's a hoot. It's also a reason to laud this on the POTUS:

President Barack Obama is Asshat of the Week

Here's the first article:

America's Deficit-Spending Spree Raises Alarms

The Congressional Budget Office has forecast that the deficit for the current budget year will hit $1.2 trillion, but that estimate does not include the cost of President Obama's $787 billion economic stimulus plan, which he signed this week.
From the Bullshit! package (subsidizing corporate jets), to talk about bank nationalization, to another regulatory nightmare, the deficit keeps on rising. And I've heard talk of more bailouts coming.

Update: Thanks to Dee, I know what set me on this path. President Obama had a bunch of mayors in the White House and warned them to spend the Bullshit! package wisely. Barack, if you want to see how wise a big chunk of cash like this is spent, look at the Dastardly Bastardly Bailout. For some reason, I think we will do worse with this package.

Then there's this article:

Obama Budget Aims to Cut Deficit in Half by End of Term

Yeah. $1.2 trillion plus the bailouts, and he's going to go for $600 billion next year?

I'll spoon my ass if he manages it (and be seriously impressed). But for coming up with something more unrealistic than the Oscars (if you actually watch the show (and it's not your job), you're an asshat), this award's for you, Barry!


dmarks said...

Looking at the national debt clock

According to the clock, the total outstanding public (national) debt figures are as follows:

01/21/2009 (President Obama's first full day in office):
$10,625 trillion

02/19/2009 (most recent reporting date):
$10,802 trillion

The difference between these numbers means $177 billion in more national debt racked up so far on President Obama's watch. Based on this, he is on track for increasing the debt more than $2 trillion during his first year.

This matches the prediction in Patrick's post of an Obama first year deficit of $1.2 trillion plus $787 billion. I don't know how the Congressional Budget Office calculated their figures, however.

At this rate, it would be more than $8 trillion in added debt over four years of the Barack Obama administration. This is much larger than the $4.3 trillion Bush racked up during 8 years.

Watch the debt clock in future months to see if and how President Obama makes a difference in this.

Arthurstone said...

Heh. Heh.

Seven years eleven months to go fellas. Don't peak too soon.

'At this rate'...'If'... 'On track'...

Fun scaring yourselves isn't it?


dmarks said...

Arthur: It's a benchmark to measure the later months by.

Shaw Kenawe said...

One month in office and Patrick's named Pres. Obama "asshat" twice.


At this rate, Patrick and his conservative buds will all be in straightjackets by 2012!

PS. Calling the president an asshat is really, really hurting his popularity.



TAO said...

Patrick, I believe you are issuing more AOTW than there have been can only issue 52 ATOW a year otherwise your ATOW will look like the federal deficit which you are coming to conclude is a real sham of a number.

Need to focus on deficit, underfunded liabilities, and guarantees.

That puts us more up in the 60 trillion range....

Realistically we are going to lose about 3 trillion of our GDP over the next two years and maybe our government will try to replace that....

TRUTH101 said...

Republicans love deficits. President Obama plans to reduce the federal deficit by half by the end of his first term so I most certainly understand why Patrick would call him an "asshat." Your choir is getting smaller Patrick.

Dee said...

On some of these articles you just have to shake your head and laugh, its sad. Like I said, the Mayors thing just cracked me up.

As for the Oscars, I didn't waste my time, and as you heard, I didn't even waste time looking for who won and lost. The movies that were up for awards were so stupid this year it wasn't even worth my time.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dee, did you see ANY of the films up for Oscar this year?

PS. Patrick, your non-stop pessimism and over-the-top ragging on the president, while mildly droll, is more a symptom of a child being left behind. LOL!

Patrick M said...

Arthur: I'm not personally scared. I'll survive. Maybe even thrive.

As for peaking, you should probably give that advice to the president.

Shaw: That first time was for joining the company of the other Presidents. This time was for naivete.

...your non-stop pessimism...

Non-stop? Since when have you seen me go a whole week with pessimism run amok? I think you confuse pessimism with analysis.

But I'm not the one spending more blog time ripping Republicans who are effectively irrelevant rather than extolling the virtues of the president's actual substance (as opposed to the worship).

And if you notice, I did give him credit for Pakistan.

Tao: No, I'm popping one out every Saturday or Sunday.

Realistically we are going to lose about 3 trillion of our GDP over the next two years and maybe our government will try to replace that....

And therein lies the problem at the heart of Washington.

101: If he was cutting the budget, I'd be happy. And if he does it, I've got my eye on a titanium spork with which to spoon my ass. I might even post that vid if you keep it up.

Dee: You have to give props for Wall-E and Heath Ledger though.

Gordon said...

"Patrick, your non-stop pessimism and over-the-top ragging on the president, while mildly droll, is more a symptom of a child being left behind. LOL!"

Shaw, for a gal whose blog is non-stop worshipful of the president's style and ThinkProgress' interpretation of polls, contrasted with "Republicans are really mean and ugly!" posts...well, I'd say you don't have a whole lot of room to criticize.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Gordon, please.

You use conservative blogs and such to back up your conservative take on things.

Progressive Eruptions is my blog and it has a liberal slant.

You are NOT ideologically pure, m'dear. Don't throw stones from your glass house.

Shaw Kenawe said...

PS. President Barack Hussein Obama kicked ass tonight in his address to Congress.

Patrick M said...

Shaw: I think you probably should have put an L instead of a K on the word "kicked."

It obviously couldn't have been captivating enough to keep you from reading other blog comments. :)

dmarks said...

Kicled ass?

Patrick M said...

Dmarks: You suck. :)