Saturday, January 24, 2009

Inauguration Week Video Wrapup and AOTW

I have just a few things to wrap up from this historic (and then depressing) week in Washington.

Being a vocalist, I was glad that Aretha Franklin was able to keep her pipes warm enough to effectively belt out some tunes at the inauguration, sung only as she could sing them. It's something I've found out. Heat makes for better music. Then I found out the quartet that played was a little more Memorex than I thought. Apparently, they did play (although cold fingers on strings hurt), but the music we at home heard was a prerecorded version of the song. No complaints here, as it was quite beautiful (and arranged by John Williams):

Also this week, I got onto the topic of racism thanks to Reverend Lowry. And in that post, I tried to inject a little humor. But, as too many people are so hung up on race that they can't find a way to laugh, here's a vid that you can't not laugh while watching. And yest they drop every racial epithet towards blacks you can think of:

Finally, for those of us who are down from the first four full days of the Obama presidency, and for anybody that needs a little more of a life, I give you this, which first made its way to my e-mail, but now makes its way to you:

But I'm not quite done. I still have an Asshat of the Week to pick.

(Might as well start the music playing)

And while I've had her in mind for a few days, a post at Mike's America sealed her fate. She's the daughter of American royalty, such as it is, had a song written about her by Neil Diamond, and she wanted, you know, to be a Senator.

Caroline Kennedy is Asshat of the Week

She didn't vote. She is a lawyer and writer by activity (as she lives off the Kennedy money). She makes President Bush sound eloquent and President Obama's resume look fantastic. She was a legacy being given a seat, despite cries from even the left that (unlike Hillary Clinton, who has all that foreign policy experience dodging snipper fire) she had no experience. And then, after weeks of waiting, she pulled out for "personal reasons," which has led to an assload of speculation (which I'll let other, more rumor oriented bastards chew on). Nonetheless, for jerking us all off with stupid delay tactics, followed by raising more question by ducking out, you managed to beat out even Governor Blago (who has yet to be canned) and Stuart Smalley (who has yet to steal the election. And they're both perrenial asshats. Way to go Caroline!!!


TAO said...

Oh, poor Caroline...she really got led around by somebody! But that is New York and she really didn't enter my reality at all....

I have enough to deal with with Mitch McConnell (spongeman) and Jim Bunting (who has never finished a sentence either) I just cannot help and wonder if no experience just might be the way to go....

Name: Soapboxgod said...

When it comes to politics, the most ridiculous charge ever uttered was that a candidate "lacked experience".

Servitude in government was never proposed to be a career ambition. And, quite honestly, take a look around...

Experience, with respect to Washington politics, is vastly overrated.

But, the fact that she "lacked experience" was not what I would deem problematic. What was would be the simple fact of qualification based solely on surname.

Shaw Kenawe said...

The Constitution is clear about the qualifications for being a United States Senator:

Must be at least 30 years old.

Must be a U.S. citizen for at least 9 years.

Must live in the state he or she represents.

That's it.

In fact, the Founding Fathers wanted the Citizen Legislator.

Not a Professional Legislator.

Caroline Kennedy is qualified to be a US Senator.

She would have been just fine.

Arthurstone said...

5 days down. 2,915 or so (hopefully) to go.

Hang in there Patrick.

dmarks said...

Shaw: I think there are a lot of other "citizen legislators" that could be chosen without making the sole requirement be having the American equivalent of a royal bloodline.

Sure, Caroline is qualified. But if she is, so is Joe the Plumber, and any ol' dude you can find by flopping open a phone book and jabbing your finger at a name without looking.

The Senate is too important to be a job for rank beginners essentially inheriting the post.

Arthurstone said...

Joe the Plumber isn't quite qualified to be a ....plumber

Patrick M said...

Actually, she's just as qualified as I am to be a Senator. But it was the asshattery of her whole half-ass bid to be appointed. I stand by my mocking.

And let's be honest, a toaster oven would be an improvement over most senators. But it was being looked at primarily (and solely) because of her name that earned her the award.

dmarks said...

Arthur: "Joe the Plumber isn't quite qualified to be a ....plumber"

But he can be a stunt-double for Michael Chicklets on "The Shield", can't he?

Patrick M said...

Dmarks: But he can be a stunt-double for Michael Chicklets on "The Shield", can't he?

Not anymore. That show's over. Oh well, he could run for the Senate in 2010. The ticket will be open.

dmarks said...

He could be in a new show about a plumber on the edge, called "Glug Glug". It would be on Showtime, which would mean that it would have a lot of gratuitous sewege-shots and swearing.

Arthurstone said...

I know how much fun it is to toss around the label 'Asshat' and to name the weekly winner of your competition but the story is, as is so often the case, just a little more nuanced than one might think.


Patrick M said...

Atrhur: Interesting. But it's the "Asshat of the Week" award. Why the fuck would I want to mess with nuance? :)