Saturday, December 6, 2008

Guest Post and Karmic Justice

Really short one, as I have to get back to Conservative Convictions, where my first guest post, Death, Taxes, and a Holiday is up. I may eventually post it here (if I feel like phoning it in), but it mostly repeats things I've posted here, except altogether, with jokes and bonus reference questions. Jennifer (of both CC and Palace for a Princess fame) got the Green Day reference already, so give her site a click as a reward. The second one (which you'll have to visit CC to find, will go with this hint: the show centered around a space station, created as a diplomatic station, but became the center of a great conflict and a new age of men, although the character was not a man but a Centauri.

Now, as for karmic justice.

Whether you believe in God specifically, or in a general higher intelligence, or nature maintaining a balance, or even the idea that things turn out right in the end, then you have to see that more was at play Friday, when OJ Simpson finally was given a sentence that may put him away for the rest of his life, than just the sentencing for a theft trial.

Here was a man who was a convicted wife beater, beat a double murder charge (although he was found civilly liable), spent years on the golf courses looking for the real killer, helped write a book about how he "THEORETICALLY" would have killed his ex-wife and the other guy (where's my puke bucket), and now is being convicted for storming into a room with guns to take stuff he thought was his (and he didn't know it was wrong to pull guns on people (another bucket please)).

The thought that all the shit he's pulled has finally come to bite him in the ass and land him in prison (where there will be no "Toad-style" man-ass sex or shanks (too bad) due to his "celebrity" status condemning him an isolated cell) is a comforting thought. And while it's not complete balance (due to asshats with no concept of the law and "Free OJ" signs that they drew with their feet), it's at least an indication that the world hasn't gone completely mad.


Shaw Kenawe said...

Gifted athletes, and talented radio, tv, and film stars often believe that just because they have a specific talent and just because groups of people adore them, it translates into every aspect of life, i.e., that they're also brilliant philosophers, politicians, and cultural icons.

And the adoring American fanbase reinforces their misplaced ideas about their talents, which feeds into these people's over-inflated opinions of themselves.

We made OJ an American icon. We did. Now he has to face what he really is, a barely literate, homicidal low-life who was blessed with the ability to play a particular sport.

Yeah. Karma caught up with him.

RIP Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown.

Myself said...

OJ Simpson IS a Murderer and a lowlife DOG.
I hope that rots in prison and never gets out until they carry him out. And then goes directly to HELL.

Anonymous said...

I don't givaschitt about how good a football player “WAS”! He can rot in hell for all I care! Simpson is the lowest of the low, and I for one am never tired of hearing about misfortune going his way.
He’s a scumbag wife beating murderer who doesn't understand that his one big free pass wouldn't cover the rest of his life. Have you ever read all the dirty details about the murders? The overwhelming amount of evidence? Did you know Ron Goldman didn't just get stabbed, but tortured? The “GIFTED athlete, and talented radio, TV, and film star” jabbed him over and over with the knife. And then all but beheaded his own wife. He got away with murder then only because of a RACIST jury.... I only care now that the murderer is going to prison and losing his freedom. He should have been old news 14 years ago. I'm sure for a lot of us out there we are happy to see him go down.
so I hope he rots in Hell also.

He is nothing more that a slime bag. And should never ever see the light of day again.

Patrick M said...

Shaw: You are right. OJ is only the most extreme example of what our idiotic idol worship feeds. That there are still "fans" that support this bastard is a cultural travesty.

My, Stones: Don't hold back. Tell me how you REALLY feel. :)

ZmudasExpress said...

Thank God for people like "Stones" who will call it as it is.
Why should we be afraid to when it's true?
You don't have to be a racist to see the evil in a person Black or White. And if anyone is blind enough not to see that OJ simpson is a murdering piece of shit, then thay are not only blind but stupid.
He only got off from his first trial becasue of a rasict lowlife jury.
And turning the trial into a racist cop, insteand of a murdering EX Football JERK

Karma is a bitch.

Patrick M said...

Zmudas: Welcome. I think we all know who the evil person here is. And I know of no one with an IQ above that of a toaster oven who doesn't see justice was served Friday.

Obob said...

who said karma is done? remember jeffery dahmer

Patrick M said...

Obob: They're not going to let OJ get in a situation where some banger or other piece of shit can make an name by spilling OJ's guts on the floor for him to trip over.


Anonymous said...

I find no personal pleasure in a man's fall and inprionment, but in this case, I say good ridance.

Patrick M said...

Phantom: Welcome. When someone is as obvious as OJ, we all do.