Friday, November 28, 2008

Sort-of Post-Thanksgiving Housekeeping Post

Update: My tree is up. Now I just have to clean the mess up. Crap.

I say sort of because I worked on T-day, wandered around Wal-Mart for an hour buying foot cream, packing tape, and a roast beef sandwich (because I'm lazy), then went home and did nothing for hours while I had no kids, but our family gathers for the government-sanctioned food gorge on Saturday. So I really have yet to have Thanksgiving. However, I did get out today and buy stuff, have something to make for tomorrow (some cranberry marshmallow salad thing which I have to make better, of course), and am nearing completion of Christmas tree setup. I will post those pics here in this post when I get done. I figure I'll get the younglings to help while we break out and watch the Charlie Brown Christmas again. It doesn't get old.

Anyway, I just wanted to share that, lest you think I've lost any motivation to blog. I've got some things to say come Monday. Normal hardcore blogging will resume then.

Also, if anybody has any music they think I have to add, let me know and I'll see if I can find it. Remember, muzak is a sin against nature and nature's God. And Kenny G is the epitome of muzak.


Arthurstone said...

'And Kenny G is the epitome of muzak.'

You have hit that nail on the head.

Kenny G nee Gorelick was born and raised here in Seattle. I first encountered him in local soul bands in the 1970's while he gigged and attended the UW. Business major (unsurprisingly). I've always held he plays pretty well...for an accountant.

I saw him for the last time in 1985 with Jeff Lorber's Fusion. A band every bit has ghastly as it sounds. It was horrible. Lorber shared the bill with Miles Davis. And, as lousy as Miles could be in the 1980's ( a period of extreme musical ups and downs for him) the band was sensational and they brought it that night. John Scofield was in the band. Bob Berg. Excellent players and they did terrific versions of, among other pieces, the pop hits 'Human Nature' and 'Time After Time'.

At the time Miles health wasn't great so he usually played the first set with the accompanying act following. And so it was.

After Miles, Lorber came on and it was truly horrible. Not least because Kenny was the 'featured' soloist. It was a typical fusion jazz rock thing with Lorber playing synthesizers and keyboards. Competent but nothing more. Kenny G on the other hand was verry show biz. Lots of shaking his curls. Circular breathing, which allowed him to hold a note for a minute or two (for no obvious reason other than to get the rubes up out of their chairs) and much, movement and lots and lots of scales played very, very fast. Horrible.

I stayed for two songs and I recollect that Miles Davis in decline (which in 1985 he was) could say more with one note than Kenny G could in a 5 minute solo.

Ah those were the days.

Anonymous said...

Kenny G is the most cornie musician I ever heard.

Beth said...

My favorite Manheim Steamroller is "Deck the Halls". I'm also partial to Paul McCartney's "Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime".

btw, it was nice of you to fix it so when we go to comments the music doesn't stop. But also, anyone can click on the Pop-out Player button below your list to open your Playlist in another window, that anyone can then minimize and listen to even after they leave your blog (I know, why would people be doing that?!?)

Have an enjoyable Saturday Thanksgiving dinner!

TAO said...

Joe the Plumber is going to start selling books....Kenny G sells CD's...Sarah Palin is next....

Crap sells!

Hey, Patrick CONGRATS on being named "Comments of the Week!" on CC.

Satyavati devi dasi said...

TSO's Wizards In Winter.

And Jeff Beck playing Amazing Grace, which might not exactly be a Christmas song but was on the Merry Axemas CD so it's at least an honourary one. If it doesn't make you cry then we can safely assume you have serious emotional deficits not otherwise addressed.

Beth said...

Great tree!

Shaw Kenawe said...

Whatever happened to the tradition of putting up the tree on Christmas Eve? It's the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and I'm already sick of hearing Christmas carols. I can't go the the pharmacy to get a bottle of antacid without hearing Bah-Rump-A-Pump-Pump!

This pushing Christmas down everyone's throat while we're still savoring that lovely non-commercial holiday, Thanksgiving, really irritates me. Bah! Humbug.

Arthurstone: You live in Seattle?

So does my nephew, and he's a classical guitarist, composer, teacher. Check out his website:

You'll enjoy looking at it, too, Patrick.

Always On Watch said...

I love your Christmas Playlist.

I've been working on mine today. It's not yet posted, but I've been picking a few tracks to play.

Patrick M said...

Arthur: Tried to find something by Miles for the playlist, but alas, it's either not out there or doesn't exist.

Beth: It's great eating for a couple of hours straight. Especially when you have a smoked turkey AND a smoked ham.

Tao: Thanks for the congrat. Now I just need to share my wisdom with them. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Saty: Wizards in Winter was one of the first tracks I added. HA!

Shaw: Whatever happened to the tradition of putting up the tree on Christmas Eve?

It died because there's no time by that time. Plus, then I wouldn't get to see my decorations for too long. But I, like many people, avoid going full-on Christmas until after T-day. It was bad, though, when I was looking at Halloween candy while they were putting Christmas decorations out.

Hopefully my list of decidedly non-pablum Christmas music will get you out of your Scroogistic cocoon.

AOW: Just do what we all do: Steal from the best.

Arthurstone said...

Flamenco Sketches

Patrick M said...

Arthur: I don't think it's quite Christmas music, but what the hell.

Arthustone said...

Late at night after Santa has come & gone...

Dee said...

I love Charlie Brown holiday specials. The bummer is my kids don't think they are very exciting.

Patrick M said...

Dee: That's the point of them. They're completely different than most of the crap out there.

Most Christmas specials fall into 3 general categories: 1. Save Christmas/help Santa, 2. A variation on A Christmas Carol, and 3. a regular show with a Christmas tree in it.

Anything different is good, and the sheer non-excitement of the Charlie Brown Christmas (despite the shaky animation) is what makes it as good as it is.

Make them watch a dozen of the other specials that have the same crappy plot, then let them watch this masterpiece. I think they'll eventually see a difference.

Arthurstone said...

This is good too:

Patrick M said...

Arthur, you like to torment me with the overplayed, don't you?