Saturday, November 22, 2008

Quick Post in Celebration for Playing Catch Up

So I had three whole hours without my darling demons, oops, I meant children on Thursday (as their mother couldn't be bothered to spend more time with them) I ate lunch in peace, went to the mall in peace (with drive time, a half hour), and then got them back. I felt so out of the norm, in fact that I took the day off, failing to post something Friday as planned. So come Friday, I tried to catch up with the blogroll. with the usual disruptions, I finished at 6:40 PM, EST. And that was with minimal commentage. So I figured I'd drop something to share a couple thoughts:

The bailout is dead until Obama takes office. At least there's a chance for the GOP to grow a spine and the uberliberal Democrats to fight the bailout because it might benefit Big Auto (the business haters that they are). Not so likely with asshats like my GOP senator, George Voinovitch (Voinobitch, if you prefer). I guess he's trying to reach across the aisle and compromise, maverick style. George, you incontinent fuck, did you miss what happened in 2008 (or 2006 when fellow asshat Mike Dewine(r) got booted)? You're in the RINO bucket, pal.

Speaking of the chosen one, I was reminded of his constant line of McCain being Bush's third term. The way his administration is shaping up, it looks more like Clinton's third term every day (without the oral sex, of course). On the plus side, Clinton's third would be better than carter's second. Of course, Clinton had an economy that was growing out of a recession to start with. Whereas Barry's being handed a shit sandwich that was decades in the making.

However, in defense ofd President-elect Obama, I hope he's figured out that we have to destroy Al Qaeda completely. Not defeat, not stop, not even just destroy their bits of infrastructure. We need to hunt down every last one of these terrorist sons of bitches that disrespected our president-elect and kill them deader than hell. I may not like the bastard's politics, but he will be my president. And the fact that they got up and started the racial bullshit proves they like to play with us while they seek our destruction.

Finally, I'm still not making much headway in getting my apartment clean (as I am a sloppy sumbitch), but I have my motivation to get it done. I'm off next weekend (after Thanksgiving) and I have cristmas decorations to buy. I only have three gifts to buy (and one of those looks to just be a lame-assed gift card). So I'm in good position (especially since I'll probably buy the kids more shit anyway) for a Merry Christmas. Plus, I'm going to look into throwing Christmas music at you once we knock out annother T-day.


Bullfrog said...

I am afraid I won't be able to enjoy the Christmas music with you after 9 years of retail.

Speaking of the blog roll, and since you have free time, maybe you could answer that tech support email I sent you.

I sent it a whole TWO HOURS AGO and still haven't heard back. What gives? ;)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I can't seem to keep my house clean with these two monsters (and I do mean monsters) around! I put something away, and that fast, its out again. (sigh)

I haven't heard too much Christmas music yet so I am still excited about it. There is a station that plays it 24/7 but it's hard to listen to it at least until Thanksgiving!

TAO said...

I went to Starbucks to get a bag of Thanksgiving Coffee (never had that one) and a lady in front of me bought the last bag to give to the I opted for a bag of Christmas Blend, which they changed bags on me I HOPE they did not change the coffee....and I bought a bag of non Christmas coffee for the troops too...

I don't know why I needed Starbucks because I had just did Thanksgiving shopping and picked up a bag of Pumpkin Spice Coffee, I figure if it might taste like crap but it should make the house smell real good while it is brewing.

I just did a mass email out to all our loyal customers letting them know our website is up and running and I forgot to load inventory and I have not tested the credit card link up yet! Great!

I want a law that says no Christmas anything until the day after Thanksgiving. I believe every holiday should have its due....

I do not pack up my Thanksgiving CD's till the day after Thanksgiving....then it is Christmas full steam ahead....

When you talk little ones or monsters I am thinking dogs as I have 3 shih tzus and 5 pekes....what a bunch.

Now I got to sweet talk my nephew to stop by tomorrow and help me clean a database....need to find a college student who is looking for part time work and is kind of techie...kind of being the key word....too much techie and they know everything...

Right Patrick? :)

I did talk to a girl a few weeks back and she even came with a MAC computer and could do graphics...but she had two big wings tattooed on her back and she wore a very low cut, in the back shirt...and well I just had a problem with that....

Arthurstone. said...

'Third Clinton term'??????!! !!!!!


Chill out and enjoy Thansgiving which,by the way, takes place nearly TWO MONTHS before Obama's inauguration.

Patrick M said...

Bullfrog: That's why you need GOOD Christmas music, as opposed to retail muzak. Either powerhouses like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, the sheer mass of Handel's Messiah, or the decibel level that is the Trans-Siberian Orchestra is what makes me get up for the Christmas music.

And quit the whining. You're starting to sound like Arthur. :)

Jennifer: I'm an uninspired cleaner at best. To give you an idea, I've resorted to a leaf rake in the living room.

Tao: You can put dogs into cages. And dogs don't like to trade out cds and dvds in the various players (not to mention my son's obsession with the two Star Wars vinyl records I happen to have). And dogs don't piss their pants or diapers.

Oh, and dogs listen. Usually.

Arthur: I did say that wasn't the worst thing in the world. And with the staff he's reassembled from the Clinton years, it is humorously warranted.

As for T-day, I'm working (and will have a post from my cubicle), then maybe spending some time wandering around Wal-Mart as the kids will be with their mother until she gets tired of them (there's a longer story here) and my family's waiting until Saturday.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Yes, "A Third Clinton Term"...All we heard out of Obama for 2 years was that we did not want McCain because it would be a Bush Third Term.. But after preaching the mantra of change and deriding the Hillary Clinton campaign as the "old way". Unfortunately, it seems that the incoming Obama administration is now shaping up to become a third Clinton term

Arthurstone said...


Given your ability to read the future you should start making some money in the markets.

Should I keep shorting or is it time to go long again?


Patrick M said...

David: Welcome. I think I'm going to run with the "Clinton's third term" thing a little more, just to tweak the libs suffering from OES.

BTW, that's Obama Elation Syndrome - A tingly feeling emanating from various appendages and orifici that the slate has been washed clean and the impure and evil that was America has been erased forever due to the unending wisdom of all people except EEEVIL Republicans to lift up and exault Barack Obama, who has promised tofu in every pot, a daisy in every gun, and free money for all those who want to suckle their sweet Uncle Sam.

Arthur: I'd have to have some money to invest.

But in your case, keep an eye out for companies manufacturing filter equipment and the like, as they are bound to start raking it in if Obama breaks out a green agenda. I know my dad's looking at that as a possible windfall.

Arthurstone said...

Don't fret Patrick.

Last time a Democrat sat in the White House lots and lots of money was made in the markets. May just happen again. Often does with Democrats in charge.


Patrick M said...

Actually, Arthur, I've been thinking about that. Usually, it's because the economy runs over years and has to be revved up before it really sails. Our economy has run smoothly for 25 years with little dips back in 1992 and 2001. But we're entering an extended bad period right now.

Is this one Bush's fault? Considering it's been many decades in the making (the CRA under Carter, Chrystler bailout under Reagan, and the contributing economic regs and misdeeds over the last two presidents), it's no more Bush's fault than Clintons, than HW Bush's, Reagan's, Carter's, etc.

Obama, depending on his actions could stabilize and pass the buck (which is the usual course), make it worse, or actually fix it. I'm reserving actual judgment until he does something (wrong) about it.

Arthurstone said...

You're too modest.

The current economic meltdown is definitely the result of laissez faire, hands-off , deregulation run amok. This is what conservative, Milton Freeman-School of Chicago economics look like.

And for that we can thank RR and his totally discredited acolyte GWB.


Patrick M said...

Arthur, my modesty knows no bounds and rivals that of the Obammessiah! :)

The current economic meltdown is definitely the result of laissez faire, hands-off , deregulation run amok.

Did you miss the last 16+ years? The reams of regulation, the unfettered growth of government, the continued insinuation of government control into every aspect of life? To pin the current shit sandwich on Reagan and Bush alone is ignorance in the extreme, as the Democrats controlled Congress in the 80's, Clinton was President in the 90's, and the GOP has pissed on conservatism so bad that they lost power in 2006.

So how this points to a frenzy of deregulation is beyond me....

Arthurstone said...

The only increased 'regulation' during the Bush years was in the area of domestic spying and the spike in Presidential authority.

The environment, the workplace and the economy all 'enjoyed' years of deregulation.

Patrick M said...

Whatever Arthur.


Toad734 said...


A lot of good that deregulation did us.

I would take a third Clinton term tomorrow if I could. I shudder to think about returning to a time of peace and prosperity. That would be just awful.

Patrick M said...

Okay, Arthur, since you keep insisting it was all deregulation, which deregulation?