Friday, October 31, 2008

Squirrels and Politics

No, this isn't an Obama joke. But I did find this gem up today which makes some good points. If you want the original flash (which is less shitty than the YouTube equivalent) it's at iLLWiLL press.


Toad734 said...

Don't look now but you are starting to sound a lot like a liberal.

Arthurstone said...

It's all the 'politicians' fault.

If only it were that easy. It isn't public education. It isn't congress. It isn't 'big government'.

It's us.

It is a self-satisfied, complacent, monumentally incurious population of Americans too lazy to learn anything about the world and too self-absorbed not to notice.


Patrick M said...

Toad: Schools making people dumb? That's liberal? Okay.

Arthur: Can I just point out that you're trying to write too much into this? IT"S A PISSED-OFF FUCKING SQUIRREL!!!! :)

But I can agree.

Toad734 said...

No, bitching about people spending more to kill Arabs than educating our kids is dumb.

So come on, have you decided to vote for Bob Barr yet? Ohio is too close for you to waste your vote on another 4 years of Bush.

Gayle said...

Yes, it's definitely a squirrel, Patrick. LOL!

Actually, I can agree with Aurthur Stone too, which is scary, but a "self-satisfied, complacent, monumentally incurious population of Americans to lazy to learn anyting about the world and too self-absorbed to notice", is definitely a huge part of the problem. That's exactly why the liberals have had so much success in dumbing them down.

Patrick M said...

Gayle: It is scary when we start agreeing with liberals.

Or it means we're not crazy wingnuts.

James Manning said...

there is nothing wrong with sounding like a liberal... what is more important is that you learn how to grill like a liberal... i'm pulling the grill out one more time before the cold hits chicago, i'll send you some tips.

i like the video... its so true for the most part.

Patrick M said...

Yeah, I think a liberal philosophy when grilling might work out better.

It comes down to what you're grilling, though. And don't worry about the tips, just send meat.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I loved that squirrel! And they say people in Jersey talk fast......that ain't crap compared to him! I had to listen to the thing twice to hear what I didn't hear the first time.

Patrick M said...

Then try this clip. This clip has both the pissed-off Foamy, plus the aptly named Pilz-e. You almost need a script to understand him. Let me know if your head bursts.

Anonymous said...

ROTFLMAO.....literally! I think I caught every 20th word or so.....old lady, baby, heavy nut tossing......ready, aim, fire......traumatic.......Don't worry the next one will get her!

Yep, that's about it! :-)

Bullfrog said...

All this talk of cooking meat over an open flame has awakened me from my Election '08-induced slumber.

I have a BBQ blog if y'all feel like sharing recipes/techniques, or want to debate charcoal vs. gas.

It has been a little too hot in my neck of the woods to consider standing around a bed of hot coals. Around here, winter is the perfect time to grill, BBQ, and smoke.

Arthurstone said...

Patrick typed:


But not just any squirrel Patrick.

This one talks.

Rants actually.

Shaw Kenawe said...

I once found a decapitated baby squirrel under a chair in my family room.

My crazy-ass, high-on-catnip, weirdo, lefty-leaning cat, Yellowman*, chased the poor bastard who had gotten into the house because A CERTAIN RELATIVE had left the friggin' basement door open ALL NIGHT!

Yellowman, being a cat and acting very cat-like, captured the unfortunate rodent, tossed it around, and then DECAPITATED IT! And left his disgusting joke for MOI to clean up! [Certain relative found it too yucky to deal with!]

*Yellowman, my cat, was named for a certain Reggae singer, King Yellowman,q.v., who was an albino Black man from Jamaica.

My cat, Yellowman, (a marmelade colored cat who had nothing to do with The Boss and a certain song) had he been born a human, would definitely have been a Reggae singer and would have smoked beaucoup ganja, and voted for Obama!

Ja Love!

Yellowman passed away, and I've never been the same.

No cat can ever, ever replace my crazy-ass, beautiful Yellowman. Never.

Gray Squirrel, RIP.

Moral of the story: Never eff with the Yellowman.

Patrick M said...

James, Bullfrog: As it was not freezing today I got the grill going, did some chicken, used up some sauce (something in the Asian realm), it was good. Also did apple and pumpkin in kabob form with sugar and pumpkin seasoning. Apple good, pumpkin undercooked.

And I visited your BBQ blog, Bullfrog, but it hadn't been posted on since Memorial day.

Back to topic, though, sort of, I wonder what squirrel would taste like on the grill?

Arthur: Thanks for stating the obvious.

Shaw: Whoa. Taht's one reason I'm not a cat person. But it makes one interesting story.

BTW was there enough suirrel left to poke a stick through and grill, despite the disgust?

Satyavati devi dasi said...

All right.

There are plenty of folk (including guys my husband works with) around here who hunt squirrel and the way I hear it it's sorta like chicken, sorta like pork.

Personally I think it seems like it must be awfully labour intensive to have to skin and clean a squirrel and all you get is barely the equivalent of a McNugget.

And the whole idea of eating dead rodents is just kinda gross, but that's a different subject.

Anyway, there you have it.

And before you ask, people really do eat possum and coon and big turtles if they can find them and of course if you hit a deer you can take that home if you want it (and there is enough to take home).

Lord, that's nasty.

We're on vacation, leavin in the morning. Yall behave while we're gone.

Bullfrog said...

Patrick: Memorial Day was the last time I was able to get out and fire up the barbecue due to the weather and being busy at work. Now that it is getting cooler, I expect to revive that blog.

I do alot of ribs and chicken, lately experimenting with tri-tip. My goal this season is to tackle a bigger cut of meat; maybe a pork butt or something along those lines.