Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Short Post With No Point Whatsoever

This is how I spent my Monday.

Got up, got the boy off to preschool. My daughter and I ran to the dollar store to get diapers after she soaked through her pj's with the combo that comes from middle-o-the-night poop. I really need to get her potty trained. Between her and this blog, I have to deal with lots of shit.

Got back in time to kick back and listen to Dee (a staple of my talk radio now) and skim the blogs, then get the little shaver off the bus. Had pizza. Yum. Played with my digital box and made an antenna. I'd care if I watched network crap.

After chasing the kids around, including a piss soaked daughter just before we left, we packed up and headed for my sister's house (as the babysitter was out of town on personal business). As she needed some milk and Nesquick (used to be Nestle Quick for those of you who missed the condensation), we hit the Wal-Mart. After running around for half an hour there and emerging with only the original two items, we went on to my sisters house. Guess who pissed through her diaper again?

So I debark the rugrats and haul ass to work, glad we've got a little global warming today. Do some workage and blogging (as my internet connection is faster than yours when I'm at work) while sucking water, pretzels, and M&M's. Pick up the younglings, who are bouncing off the walls, the ceiling, and the varous protruding pieces of furniture. They're dead by the time I get home. Eat a grilled cheese samich, grab the ps2 controller and stuff battle droids, do some more blogging, read, all with Fox news babbling in the background.

At midnight, I decided to throw this shit down, just so you can see how I manage to blog so damned much. After I hit the publish button, I get to brush my teeth and sleep. And I will do so now...


Beth said...

I hope you had a good night's sleep!

FWIW, I applaud you for all that you do. I appreciate the work you are doing here tremendously!

(P.S. Dollar Store diapers don't seem to be working, a name brand on sale with a coupon may be worth it in the end, as you won't be needing to change them as often.)

Anonymous said...

Wow, and I thought I was busy! Keep up the good fight, and drink lots of caffeine! :-)

Patrick M said...

Beth: The cheapies work fine most of the time. Except when my cutie pie is pissing like a racehorse. Or me when there's coffee involved.

Jennifer: I forgot about the coffee. I chugged my usual four cups of the cheapest high-test good stuff I can find. Luckily, I can reach a coffee shop with a 2-block walk and get beans freshly ground.

Dave Miller said...

Ah yes, the banalities of life. Perhaps if some of our politicians had a little of these experiences, they would basically just mind the shop and leave us alone.

Patrick M said...

Dave: If they did that, then I'd have less political stuff to write about and more time to write pointless things.

I'd love that.

Gayle said...

"Between her and this blog, I have to deal with lots of shit." LOL!

I don't have small children anymore, but I sure can identify with that! :)