Thursday, October 16, 2008

Rambling Post-debate Post

They debated last night. McCain won. Of course, supporters of The Marxist (Obama) said he won. The Frank Luntz focus group gave it to The Marxist. More on that in general tomorrow.

The only good thing about this debate is that it had a pulse and some decent questions.

The important thing to take away from this, though, is that McCain failed to change the direction and momentum of the campaign. There's still 2 1/2 weeks left, but now it comes down to every damned single vote each candidate can convince, finagle, promise, or invent (if you've got ACORN in your corner). I'm going to predict it will be close either way, because the choices are essentially the absolute drizzling shit.

On a side note, my children don't need to hear the language I usually employ when listening to debates. The advantage of live blogging during the debate is that I don't type all the invectives I level at the candidates. Oh well, at least I can start preparing the apartment to begin decorating for Christmas next month. I'll probably start the small stuff prior to Thanksgiving, then throw the tree up as close to T-day as possible.

As for Halloween, my children aren't old enough to enjoy it much yet, much less enjoy the unholy carnage that my decorations would entail (grave robbing would be involved). But we did pick up It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Watching that was the highlight of yesterday, not the debate. There's something special when you can sit with your kids and watch a special older than you that you grew up on, and now they get to do the same.

Oh well, let me recharge my brain and I'll get something more thoughtful up tomorrow. Damn, politics sucks.


Obob said...

McCain tried but it was in vain. Between the msm and the econ, he has to cuss out an old woman to lose.
I will still vote for McCain, although acron infested lake county will negate my vote and my civil rights have been violated.
As for the decorations, we not big in Halloween. But my wife is big on Christmas and the idea of my hanging 30 feet in the air to put up lights. I have to get my life insurance policy out of her name.

Bullfrog said...

I didn't listen to the debate, but I perused the blogs on both sides and got the usual: the right-leaners thought McCain came through and won it, while the left-bloggers give the win to BHO.

Mine are also too small for Halloween. We took a trip to our local party supply retailer to pick up something non-Halloween related, and when my daughter got a look at some of the "seasonal decor" she said, "I don't like this, I want to go." She is only 3, but she knows what she does not like, and will let you know.

We all watched The Great Pumpkin at a friends house the other day. It made me reminisce about watching it with my Gramma when I was a tike. Pretty cool to pass down traditions like that to your little 'uns.

I agree with you that the only thing that sucks about politics is, well... politics.

Satyavati devi dasi said...

In Wilm, Halloween was very frowned upon and so we never did anything.

Up here in Rox it seems to be much more of a big deal. I was surprised when we found this out; I would have thought a small town would be more likely to do away with the pagan festivities.

Either way, we still don't do anything. There are no streetlights or anything here in the woods and so the only creatures that show up on our front porch at night are racoons.

Toad734 said...

The Marxist? You must be referring to Bush. He's obviously the one who is taking state ownership of private companies, that's marxism, not restoring a 3% tax hikes to rich people. Let's just get that straight.

Wow, coming from someone who actually thought Palin won her debate I guess I am not surprised to find that you think McCain won when the entire rest of the country disagrees with you. Obama gained support, McCain lost support, that's called losing, not winning. Now, this was McCain's best debate and he was probably a tad less creepy than he was in the last one so, other than what the polls say, I can't imagine he lost much face but he certainly didn't hurt Obama or help himself.

And you are right there are 2 weeks left and if you have shady state governors and the Supreme court on your side, a Republican could still win if they can continue to lie to black people and tell them they will be arrested if they try to vote and that the election is acutally on Wednesday. So yes, anything can happen. And let that be a lesson; if you spend the last 100 years trying to keep people from voting, they will find a way to make their voice heard. If you don't throw out the votes of black neighborhoods, they wouldn't respond by registering dead people.

Oh, and by the way, Mr. Ohio Joe, a 3% tax increase on your business which earns 250,000 per year is $7500 per year or 625 per month. Only if you plan on paying your employees $3.90 per hour, will this prevent you from hiring anyone. Add the fact that you will get a tax credit for hiring additional employees.

And guess what, I want to be tight end in the NFL but I am 5'10" and 170 lbs and 35 years old so it aint happening but I am not going to try to blame it on McCain.

Toad734 said...


I think you mean registered black voter infested Lake County will negate your vote. I didn't realize your were a Hoosier. I was worried about the rest of redneck indiana who think Osama Bin Laden is running for President would negate Lake, Marion and Monroe county's vote. Who knows, Obama may even pick up St. Joseph and Hamilton.

I still think Indiana will go Republican although my mother in Indy has never voted for a Democrat and is on the fence and if my dad votes, he is still on the fence.

In the end, it wont matter. If Obama wins Pennsylvania, which he should, he only has to win one of the the following states: VA, OH, FL, NC, IN, CO, MO. I think the chances of that are good.

Bullfrog said...

Toad: assuming you are referring to the Bailout when you call Bush a Marxist for taking ownership of private companies, I agree with you. It did take a Democrat Congress to pass it, of course. It is hilarious to me when Bush haters on one hand call him a total moron, but then give him credit for everything that happens in the world. Is he some sort of evil genius savant or what?

As for Obama;s employee tax credit: would you get excited about getting $3,000 for hiring an employee who would likely make ~$30,000, plus expenses like medical, 401K, etc? It is bogus, and nothing more than a token.

Patrick M said...

Obob: Is she going to be operating the lift? Or renting a crane from which she will dangle you. Like a worm.

Bullfrog: It was one of those debates that excited the respective bases and did little else.

Actually my kids do like the bloody swords and dead looking things, but there's a reason for that: Their daddy is nuts.

Saty: A little pagan is good for the soul sometimes. But being out in the middle of nowhere does take the edge off it all.

Toad: Did you miss the fact I've been blasting the Bush administration for leading the charge to socialism? As I said, I chose the candidate who was less inclined that way, and that's McCain. I guess.

The debate was a draw, with just a slight advantage to The Marxist (and when I say The Marxist, I'm talking about Barack Husseing Obama). Do you even read?

And if you want to bring up voter fraud, I'm in the middle of it thanks to ACORN and Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner. When you can cite GOP officials and campaigns doing so this election, then I'll listen. Until then, look at who's perpetrating the fraud here.

And I'll let Joe the Plumber speak for himself. He at least knows what will happen when The Marxist is elected: He stays a poor plumber and sucks government tit. More on that tomorrow.

Toad734 said...


Kind of like the miniscule 3% increase on someone making 300,000 per year?

And yes,your Republican government scorns socialism except for when it comes to corporate losses. So I don't want to hear about socialism when a Democrat taxes someone to pay for school books.

So now the bailout is the Dems fault?? This was all proposed by Bush, in a very scary way, You should be thanking the democrats for not allowing him to give away the house...your house.


Come on, you know what happened in the 2004 election in Columbus and you know what happened in FL in 2000. You are only now upset about it because your chickens have come home to roost and you see the consequences of those actions. You can only silence the majority for so long.

By the way, Acorn has done nothing but cooperate with this issue and they are the ones who brought up the issue.

Patrick M said...

Let's see, in 2000 and 2004, Democrat douches tried to steal the election (and probably ACORN was there too, but I don't remember that one). And there's voter fraud here in the great state of Ohio this time too, this time aided and abetted by the Secretary of State. Of course, they failed in 2000 and 2004. If they succeed, I can't wait to see what happens in 2010. It will be fun. :)

By the way, which majority are you talking about, the living or the dead (the latter the focus of ACORN's efforts)?

Yay, ACORN is trying to throw their lackeys under the bus to cover their ass. The Marxist must have taught them that one at one of those training sessions he denies happened.

Mike's America said...

I wonder if Toadbat and that loon Elmo are brothers.

Toad734 said...

No, the Republicans did steal the elections in FL in 2000. Period. When your brother is governor, the Secretary of State is a white lady who headed your Florida Campaign, and she decided to throw out votes from black areas and then it goes to the supreme court, which was mainly appointed by Republicans and was mostly conservative, you really think the Democrats tried to "Steal" that election?

Ill bet water is dry in your world.


You're and idiot and have nothing to contribute.

Patrick M said...

Mike: Could be. Or there could be Toad's famous "Man-ass sex" involved.

Toad: You're delusional and full of shit on the 2000 election. That's been fleshed out enough that all the questions were answered, except for the Kool-Aid brgade. So live in the now and stop wasting my time.