Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday before the Monday before the Election

We've got a little over a week, pretty much everything that can be said has been said, so I'm just going to start covering some things that need to be wrapped up.

Addendum to the Angry

I have a few thoughts related to the debacle that has become the comments section of mine and other blogs. Ive noticed that attacks on fellow bloggers for their comments has increased. I've noted more people have turned on the moderation to keep the shit off their sites (a move I'm contemplating if it keeps up), that more people want to yell and whine more and discuss less, and that the blogosphere has gone from discussing subjects and highlighting how much the other candidate sucks to all-out verbal warfare, even when there is no reason.

While I'm sure this will subside when the election is over and the losing ideology (other than conservatism, which is taking it in the ass no matter what) begins retooling to tear into the winning candidate, remember that tearing into people because you have a disagreement with them is no way to behave in the real world. So why do you bring the shit here? As a reminder, if you have any issues that you'd like to discuss off-blog, drop me a line:

Under the microscope

One of the problems I've heard since HDTV came out is that it makes all those talking heads on TV look really ugly, because we can see pretty much everything, including every blemish and wrinkle. Such is our current political landscape. Ask Joe the Plumber about his spectacular ass-reaming by the media for a minute of time speaking to The Marxist (Obama)

Two examples of this: Obama went off to Hawaii to visit his grandmother (who raised him) on her deathbed, and the talk hosts were off speculating on whether it had something to do with his birth certificate. I'm not a fan of The Marxist in the least, but I don't judge when family is involved. Meanwhile, Sarah Palin is being roundly chewed for the GOP's purchase of $150,000 in wardrobe to get her through to election day. I don't know all the circumstances (like why they didn't spend some on McCain (see pic, right)), but based on nasty things directed at the appearance of both Cindy McCain and Michelle Obama, I can see why they'd do this. But in trying to deflect criticism of one kind, they get criticism from the other direction. (on a side note, James put out this fashion post, which is funny enough to mention, especially since that's where I got the McCain pic).

In the end, this will be decided mainly on issues, policies, who looks the least pissed, and various other shallow, inane excuses. So remember that when you try do deconstruct a candidate for something that is trivial. Your ass probably wouldn't pass muster under that sort of spotlight either.

FairTax Comparisons

The pic pelow is a comparison of the tax messes of each of the cheese dick candidates to the FairTax. Discuss amongst yourselves this idea: If we took away the power of either one of these guys to manipulate the tax structure to serve their base, how much better would we all be?

Patriotism from the Left

Lastly, I had to link to this post from Satyavati, which is absolutely beautiful to read. Pour into it your ideology, and if you love this country, it fits. That's what we need to remember no matter how pissed we may get at the other side.


Satyavati devi dasi said...

Thank you. Means a lot coming from you. I cried even.

If you hear it on TV (ha!) remember: I wrote it.


Gayle said...

I left a comment on Satyavati's most excellent post. It is indeed beautiful!

I am among those who have been getting more rude and vile comments than ever, but comment moderation, which I've had enabled for about three years, does help a lot. Some of those comments aren't fit to read.

Obob said...

liberals is stupid.
Back to reality, this has been a very volatile election. And both parties are to blame due. I have been bartending off and on since clinton got elected in 1992. People drinking may have disagreed, but there was a point of restraint. I have serious tension between guys who have known each other for years over this election. So I let them duke it out for my entertainment.
As for the importance of this election and it being the most important since man began walking or blogging, very narcissistic of us. I thought it was 2004. Every election is important and this one has historical significance. But 1860, 1864, 1932 (but we are not ask biden to clarify that) were important. I could throw in Adams v. Jefferson for the fun of it. But burr would pop a cap in my arse.
If obama wins, I am going to attack him and his policies I disagree with. It's politics. But I will not ruin friendships, vandalize yards, burn effigies, or call for his impeachment when his first appointment gets busted and he claims, "poor judgement."
I hope you understood the humor in the piss poor grammar in "liberals is stupid."
peace is overrated

Anonymous said...

"So remember that when you try do deconstruct a candidate for something that is trivial."

This gets extremely tiring no matter what side you are on. When people have nothing better to discuss than clothing, it means something has seriously gone wrong. What ever happened to things like facts, policies, history, or character. I don't care whether someone is wearing Scooby Doo boxers as long as they are representing what the country needs.

Patrick M said...

Saty: I do that sometimes.

Gayle: Well you'll have to email me the worst. Good reading. BTW, there's nothing I find too vile. :)

Obob: As for the importance of this election and it being the most important since man began walking or blogging, very narcissistic of us.

That's why I'm tipping back and having a big bowl of "We're all fucked plaid no matter who gets elected hozes us." Tastes like GW-roasted polar bear.

Jennifer: In that case, whjich presidential candidate would you rather see in Scooby Doo boxers and nothing else?

I'd share my VP preference on that question, but you'd probably drive all the way to the great state of Oiho to kick my ass. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL Patrick! I've got a hunch who you would rather see!

I think either of the canidates wearing their boxers might make people lose their lunch. I wonder if it works for kool aid too? :-)