Friday, October 3, 2008

Dastardly Bastardly Bailout Bill Rant

Warning: The following is a summary of my feelings and thoughts from the moment I heard the House passed it and the President signed it. In other words, obscene language abounds.

Once again Washington has let us down, bent us over, and commenced the fucking. The Halfwit halfasses in the House responded positively to the shit this asslicking dickwit bill had added to buy votes to justify passing this Marxist fuckwit shitball.

I can thank my Rep for being one of the 171 people that fought this asinine soul-sucking tyrrany. But that shithead McCain, the douchebags The Marxist (Obama) and Joe Biden, Harry Reid, John Boener (pronounced boner), Nazi Pelosi, and all the other traitors to freedom should be flung out of office immediately for being asssucking cocksmacks. And I want to take this opportunity to thank George Bush for fucking the cause of conservatism once again with his stupid-assed need to expand government to save his stupid-assed legacy which was fucked up by his stupid-assed need to expand the government. Go fuck yourselves. Go headbutt a speeding train. Call in the commies you dickbags.

We now resume less obscene blogging.


shaw kenawe said...

You have officially become unhinged.

That is all.

Beth said...

Actually, Patrick, you pretty much summed up my feelings, thanks for putting it so eloquently.

Patrick M said...

Shaw: Did you actually want this piece of shit bill?

Beth: I calmed down before I wrote this. Imagine the compound curses I didn't include.

Beth said...

You know somehow I felt that you were holding back a little.

Nice pic, really goes with your comments, lol.

Dee said...

Yes, my Conservative Congressman was one of the few that also voted against it. I've been volunteering in his office this week and I know firsthand that he is taking a lot of heat for not supporting it, but it went against his principles. I'm proud of him for standing strong.

Gayle said...

I was going to sarcastically tell you that you shouldn't stifle yourself. LOL! It seems that you really did!

I don't like it either, and am upset about it too, Patrick. But please don't hold back your vote. We must keep Obama out of office at all costs!

BTW, thanks for the link. I have returned the favor. :)

shaw kenawe said...

It's easy for everyone to say what a crappy bill this is. But do you or anyone else have an alternate plan?

If I understand you correctly, you believe no money should be sent to Wall Street--and just let the chips fall where they may--let the disaster play out.

Except the most vulnerable will be hurt the most in that case. The rich and well connected (see Wall Street) will always weather an economic crisis. The guy on Main Street, trying to run his business, send his kids to college, pay his medical bills, will be the one who suffers the most.

Remember. This was a Republican piece of crap, led by a Republican Treasury Secretary and President, with the urging of a Republican Vice President. They wanted this.

What is your alternative? How would you get through the very real crisis of credit freeze-up without destroying the guy on Main Street?

Let's hear your detailed ideas.

Beth said...

And another thing, about the picture, I think the actual bailout was $815 Billion with all the pork they added to it.

Anonymous said...

I still cant believe McCain voted for pork, I thought he was gonna veto every pork bill that came his way
But be it as it may, this still can not stop us from supporting his with our vote. As Gayle has so eloquently said, anyone is better than Obama. He MUST be stopped at all cost.
Judging from the vitriol and pure craziness of the Obama supporters on the Internet, you can see why. I believe John McCain has far more Democratic support than we realize. Lots of those supposed Obama supporters you know are going to march in the privacy of the voting booth and pull the lever for McCain. Count on it. What other choice do we ahve? Any one that thinks third party is a fool and a dreamer and it will only about to a wasted vote and that’s as good as a vote for Obama.
Congress is what's wrong with America today!

Anonymous said...

Nobody even mentions what Bill Clinton did to this country in respect ot the Fanny may Freddie mac thing.... And I sure don't like what the left wingers in congress have done for the past 2 years to this country. Bush covered their butts on this bailout. This congress guys couldn't balance a budget to a ice cream shoppe. Your guys Dodd, Franks should be jail. Get a better excuse, ok. The Bush thing is old. McCain is a moderate. And no matter how you spin it, what we will get with McCain is a million and one time better than the alternative with Obama. So, your spin falls flat.
By the way, your obscene language does not add any credibility to your blog.

Shaw Kenawe said...

He MUST be stopped at all cost.--conservative

Dear conservative,

I think the Secret Service will be very interested in this statement.

What the hell do you mean by that threat? "At all cost?"

You've got one sick and dangerous mind.

Anonymous said...

Oh golly gee, please don't sic the Secret Service on me...
And talking about "sick and dangerous minds".
Obama's pals are very scary dudes..

shaw kenawe said...

Dear conservative,

We don't need to inject threats into the campaign. You can criticize Sen. Obama's platform, his ideas, his programs, his speeches, his looks, his penchant for eating arugula. Fine.

You can even call him names, like, say "Marxist Barry." That's cute, and useless, but hey, apparently it makes you guys feel secure.

Let's keep this "at all cost" threat out of it, okay? That sounds very much like a threat on someone's life.

You're getting into John Wilkes Booth territory when you move in that direction.

And yes. I absolutely would pass this on to the Secret Service. All I have to do is take a snapshot of this page, which links to your blog.

Friendly advice.

Anonymous said...

Dear shaw kenawe
My post was a web blog post nothing more and CERTAINLY not a threat. Please don’t take me for such a fool as to think I would seriously make a threat on a blog. Just because i am a Conservative, don’t think I am stupid, as many liberals think we are.
We all say things on blogs to relieve our frustrations, don't take everything so seriously.
It was NOT meant as a threat.

Now please drop it and enjoy your Sunday,
Because if you chose to prolong this silly childish subject you will be doing so on your own. I won't even respond to such a ridiculous comment.

Anonymous said...

Thanks ever SO much for your "Friendly advice"


Patrick M said...

Beth: Well, the pic is at least a few days old. I got it emailed to me from New Zealand.

Dee: This vote would have decided my vote for my rep in November. I'm glad he did right.

Gayle: I knew assface, I mean McCain was going to vote for it. It invovlves "reaching across the aisle." But since the rest of the establishment voted for it, it doesn't change my position on McCain vs The Marxist.

Shaw: I haven't forgotten that the GOP helped create this piece of shit. This is why I split from the party.

As for an answer, I honestly don't have one. This is one I really have to leave to the economists, who from what I hear did not liek the bill.

But to take a big bailout bill, add more shit to it and pass it on those terms is the absolute wrong direction. The solution lies in finding a way to stabilize things just enough for long enough to let the cycle play out and correct itself. The problem has been exacerbated over decades my incessant government meddling, and now we've "solved" the problem by more meddling. That's not change. That's more of the same. And that's Washington at work.

Conservative: I still cant believe McCain voted for pork...,

Really? I knew he was going to leap on this like Bill Ayers on an American flag. But that's the problem we've been facing. McCain is NOT a conservative. The sheer number of voters that are voting, not for him, but either for Sarah or against the Marxist should indicate how out of touch he is with his base.

BTW, I assumed your "at all costs" comment did not construe a literal threat, just as if I said I wanted The Marxist destroyed, it would be in the political sense. Shaw is just getting all defensive of her main man.

Shaw: Since you are being hypersensitive today:

Marxist Barry! Marxist Barry! Marxist Barry! Marxist Barry! Marxist Barry! Marxist Barry! Marxist Barry! Marxist Barry! Marxist Barry! Marxist Barry! Marxist Barry! Marxist Barry! Marxist Barry! Marxist Barry! Marxist Barry! Marxist Barry!


Anonymous said...

shaw kenawe Grow up.
Talk about having officially become unhinged!
What is really the problem here is the vile hatred that all liberals harbor for people who are not like them. They treat everyone who does not fall into their line of thinking like second class citizens and this includes people in their own party.
I think that Mr. Conservative is 100 percent correct in his last post regarding YOUR post.
And would be even smarter to totally ignore you, and yourasinine threats about the secret service.

Shaw Kenawe said...

What is really the problem here is the vile hatred that all liberals harbor for people who are not like them. They treat everyone who does not fall into their line of thinking like second class citizens and this includes people in their own party.

Can you give me evidence please for that accusation that? That sounds pretty much like a whine. Would you like some cheese to go with it.

Liberals do not hate people who do not think like them. There are wackos on both sides--far right and far left.

I do not hate. It's a useless emotion. I keep coming here to Patrick's blog because even though he becomes "unhinged" now and then (as do I), I'd never accuse him of vile hatred.

Lets look at what's really going on. Years ago, political operatives made a very smart move to get us (you and me) to go at each others' throats--name calling, fear mongering, so that the bastards in Washington can steal our hard-earned tax dollars for pork in order to keep them in power.

You and I and Patrick and beth and conservative all love this country, we all want our families to be healthy and secure. I'm not talking about being a mega rich person who owns multiple homes, cars, boats, etc. Most of us here, I expect, want to be able to live our lives in peace and not worry about heating our homes this winter, or being able to send our children to college or anywhere to further their education. I don't want to worry about not being able to pay for medical help should I get a catastrophic disease.

These things are happening right now to people I know, and probably you know.

Remember, it's an old tactic for the oligarchy to make the "little people" fight among themselves and keep their eyes off of the bastards who are REALLY doing harm to them.

I wish you no harm, nor Patrick, nor beth nor conservative. We probably have more in common than we have differences. We do differ on approaching our problems--true, but that does not make me or you vile.

Remember united we win--divided we fail.

Shaw Kenawe said...

PS. I didn't mean to leave dee and gayle out of that last post. Sorry.

Satyavati devi dasi said...


I've been quiet, but I want to say this:

I'm liberal as even liberals go and I certainly don't hate everyone who doesn't think like me. I don't hate Patrick (in fact, I have a secret crush on him which would be secret except I think he knows it) and so far he and I have only agreed on the glories of butternut squash.

Generalizations ("all liberals") about the behaviour of any group of people, eg., race, nationality, religion, political party, sexual orientation, food preference, etc., will always get you in trouble. We're not all alike even if we share enough to be included in a particular group.

I'm sure that not every single conservative is white, anglo-saxon, Protestant and making over $250K either. In the same way, I've never eaten arugula.

Generally the debates here remain above grade-school intelligence. Let's not tarnish the record by something even I can tear up without breaking a sweat. These reckless generalizations have to go.

Hare Krishna.

shaw kenawe said...

I don't hate Patrick (in fact, I have a secret crush on him which would be secret except I think he knows it).

Hey! Wait just a doggone minute! I got here first, so I have first dibs on the crush thing!

Let's hope Patrick will spread enough of his magnetism around so that we get an equal share.

PS. gayle, beth and dee: you're on your own. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Patrick said ...”BTW, I assumed your "at all costs" comment did not construe a literal threat, just as if I said I wanted The Marxist destroyed, it would be in the political sense. Shaw is just getting all defensive of her main man”

Nor was it meant to be one.
It was only a figure of speech. My Lord, did you REALLY think that I can here to threaten Obama?

Shaw Kenawe said...

conservative, I frankly don't know what to think anymore.

Have you heard about that awful "teacher" in Tallahassee, Fla., and what he wrote on the board for his 7th grade students to see?

It astonishes me that a teacher feels comfortable in this day and age, after the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., and all the horrendous upheavals this country has withstood, to pass that sort of vile racism onto young children.

It's out there still. I don't know anything about you, conservative, so I took your words to mean what they appeared to mean--and they sounded menacing to me.

During the Bush years, I often spoke of "taking George W. Bush out--CONSTITUTIONALLY. Never would I even hint of doing it any other way.

We are a country of laws not men. If we don't like our leaders, we should vote the bastards out or, if they're crooks, impeach them.

As I said, I don't know you. There are, I'm afraid, people out there who do wish the absolute worst on their political enemies.

Anonymous said...

You are correct, I'm a Right wing gun totting bible loving racist conservative.
And you are a nut job.

Beth said...

I'm feeling the love here tonight, makes me feel a bit better about the whole bailout crap even.

Patrick M said...

I do not hate. It's a useless emotion. - Shaw

Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate, leads to suffering. - Yoda, Episode I

Don't fuck with the Jedi master, son. - Mark Hamill as Cock Knocker from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Yeah, I have weird-assed associations like this from time to time.

Saty, Shaw: Figures, I get you women fighting over the right to crush on me an you live in other states. And at least one of you is definitely hitched. And one of you, I suspect isn't near my age (which has to mean 19, Shaw). But you are both liberal, which means you're not right in the head, which explains the attraction. :)

Shaw: Conservative has revised and extended. He needs a hug.

Cons: Actually, I'll get all the ladies that comment here and have them give you a virtual group hug. You sound like you might need it.

Beth: It's comments like these that make blogging fun.

PS, You can't crush on me because you're in the same state. And because then Shaw and Saty would gang up on you. :)

Beth said...

PS, You can't crush on me because ... then Shaw and Saty would gang up on you. :)

That is EXACTLY why I backed off!!!