Thursday, September 18, 2008

Houscleaning Post

As both the younglings and I Myself (to various degrees) are suffering one of those season-changing bouts of allergies (drugs for all!!!) and because I'm trying to get everything straight for both now and (yeah, I saw the decorations coming out on Tuesday) eventually Christmas (ick), I figgered I'd just cover a couple of things that are floating out there, so my desk can be cleared.

Now while I'm writing this, I'm also trying to listen to Sarah's interview with Hannity to get a better bearing on her thought process and perspectives. And lest you think I'm just slobbering and hoping they don't show Hannity on the screen so I can get my fill of sweet Sarah, I did, in response to her reasoning why we had to bail out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, utter "No, you fucking mook!" Of course, since I'm sure I'd get that answer out of the other three candidates (with a Biden gaffe for good measure), it really doesn't matter that much.

Now, Hurrican Ike, after kicking the ass of the Gulf coast, managed to bring record winds through the Ohio valley, tearing the shit out of the corn crop (watch the price of ethanol fly, folks), shredding trees left and right, and frying large parts of the power grid in the great state of Ohio. It was bad enough that my usual dose of talk radio got preempted from Sunday night until Tuesday at noon (in time for Rush). Essentially, there was little the federal (and state) government could do. It came down to the power companies, the county, city, and village governments, the churches and charities, and ordinary citizens coming together to take care of each other. It highlighted for me several things. First of all, you should always have an idea for surviving if the "essentialk services" fail, as many did without depending on others. Second, help doesn't come from some omnicient federal bureaucracy, but from the people closest to you.

Side comment: Hannity is asking good questions, but so many are softballs. Holy shit, Sean, that one was a fucking wiffle ball. Ask her about the damned bridge so she can clarify it and I can tell the libs to eat shit and die.

And now, the most personal part of this: The custody fight. As that is over, I can share more detail. I will leave out names and some of the details because it's always better to leave things off the web (Ask my ex and Sarah Palin about the perils of Yahoo):

As you know, I did win full custody, with child support, and standard visitation for the great state of Ohio (1 night a week, every other weekend). essentially it came down to this: I went in armed with a lawyer, my sister (a veteran of custody fights) as a character witness, my mother at home with the kids, emails (with naked pictures) in hand, and the weight of children's services in my corner. She showed up with nothing. Hell, even her parents didn't show up. It's sad really, but history seriously tempered that sympathy. In essence, though, it's a matter of doing right by the kids. And I should hope they don't have to pay for all the mistakes I made in their first years. But in the end, if their mother can keep her head out of her ass, and we can get along, and I can give them all the guidance they need to be great (damn, and all I thought I needed was the Disney channel), then it will all be worth it.

Now if you want more info, I might be kind, if you ask and I already have your email, to share a little of the funnier parts of the situation. Like a conversation with me where she is pretending to be the guy who hacked her email. And doing so poor a job that I'm stringing her along for an hour and a half. It's priceless, but only for the vindictive, thus I don't post the whole thing.

Oh, and if you wanted to know what Sarah thought of the Tina Fey version of her, she said: "I watched it with the volume all the way down. I thought it was hilarious. She was spot on."

I did have an idea though. Sarah and Hillary Clinton were invited to appear before some Jewish group. Hillary found out about Sarah and ditched though. However, it would have been funnier if they would have shown up and performed the SNL skit about them verbatim. There would be few things funnier.


Beth said...

The winds took out some things up here, too, and from what the power company said part of why it took long to get power restored was they had sent crews down to Texas to help out.

I had forgotten Palin was on Hannity, I'll look for the transcript.

Beth said...

I was able to watch some of the interview online at Fox News' website. Palin certainly looked more relaxed, not sure if it was because it was her second interview, or because it was the first where she knew she had someone on her side interviewing her.

Is Part 2 tonight?

Toad734 said...


Ya of course they are now going to stick with the guys who will pitch her the softballs. She probably got the questions before hand knowing Hannity. And what was with her talking about construction bonds all the time. Why did the McCain camp have her say that more than once? Or is that the only thing she knows about??

I wonder why they wont let Oberman or Matthews interview her. If Oreilly can interview Clinton and Obama, why not?

Patrick M said...

Beth: If you click over to Dee's blog, she has the video of the interview.

And yeah, people tend to relax when they don't expect an ambush.

Toad: Yeah, mook. I was quoting me as I said it. It was funny enough to include.

I don't expect them to keep Sarah on the friendly shows only. That will piss me off. In fact, I am looking forward to Sarah going up against Biden in a debate, as well as making the rounds of the Sunday morning shows where they can challenge her. That's how you eliminate any doubts (except among the entrenched opposition) of your ability to step in when the charge of inexperienced is leveled at you.

If she skips the hacks like Olberman and Matthews, it won't bother me too much, though.

I would like to see O'Reilly chew into her, though. He likes to beat up everybody in an interview. I did gain some respect for Obama for going in there and holding his own.

Toad734 said...

You said "hacks" when referring to Olberman and Matthews but not Hannity?? Just want to make sure I understood that clearly.

Patrick M said...

Yes, I did. However, let me clarify. Hannity is a commentator. He comes from a point of view, and is consistent. Matthews and Olberman are (theoretically) hard news. But they specifically and NBC in general, have been hacking into any opponent of Obama in their news. Ask Hillary about that one.

That's probably why the McCain camp declined to send Sarah there. She's done Fox News and ABC, and will be doing CBS, and probably some of the morning shows.

There's a difference between commentary and news. Look at Tim Russert if you want to see an example of what fair coverage is about. I don't think I've watched Meet the Press since.

Toad734 said...

I would agree with Olberman but I never really got that with Matthews. But if it's ok for Oreilly and Hannity and the entire Fox network to be partisan and they send her there, why not go on the other side where she wont get the softballs? I mean, if she is to be commander in chief, she will face tough questions and tough decisions at some point. Maybe they don't think she can handle that kind of pressure. If that's the case, why would you vote for her?

Patrick M said...

Toad: Did you miss Charles Gibson?

Now I wouldn't expect Obama to talk to Hannity, because that would be just as bad. Maybe Alan Colmes.

The real test, though will be the debates.

Toad734 said...

Ya but Colmes is kind of a douche. They just have him on there to make liberals look like they have no balls.

And have you noticed that since Gibson they have only let her go to friendly venues?

I would love to see Obama bitch slap Hannity. That would make my d...year.

Did watching Hannity interview Palin remind you any of Jeff Gannon asking Bush questions at a press conference?