Thursday, August 28, 2008

Day 3 - History and Hysteria

First of all, for the first time in history, a black man has officially become the nominee of a major party in the United States. It has been a long road, from slavery, to segregation, to Denver. But it's now in the history books. I just wish the GOP had gotten there first.

Hillary Clinton had the honor to call an end to the roll call, officially making Obama the nominee.

Two speakers mattered tonight. The first was former president Bill Clinton. Now I've said many a thing about Clinton, most of them bad. But one thing that Bill Clinton could always bring to the table is an entertaining and good (and long) speech. I picked up the speech while on the way home from work (after getting gas at the Wal-Mart ($3.46!)). I found myself laughing a little because it was funny material. Wrong as hell, but funny.

To address that inaccuracy, President Clinton said that we saw what happens when Republicans get control in 2001. What we really saw was when Republicans stopped being conservatives and start spending like drunken whores on a cock binge and crossing the aisle to give hand jobs to liberals. Thus we got 2006. And since Bush forgot what a veto was, the Democrats should have been able to "fix" things in the last year and a half. Come to think of it, Clinton won against a Republican who pissed off his own base and that pissy little guy with the bankroll and balls to take 20 percent of the vote in 1992.

The other speaker to take the stage was the vice presidential nominee, Senator Joe Biden. Now I haven't really done my research on Biden, so this was my first time hearing him. And from what I heard, I wonder how he didn't succeed more in his presidential run this year. From the intro given by his son Beau, which produced copious tears, to the beginning of his speech, he managed to convince me that he has the fire and the energy to be a good Democrat VP. Also, a VP candidate's job is to fire off the red meat while the top of the ticket stays above the base debate, and Joe was on his game, tearing into McCain with much vigor. I can see why Obama chose him. Even his gaffes were intentional and funny.

And to cap things off, Barack Obama showed up on the stage to thunderous applause, a little stutter, and a little pep talk. Either way, the bar has been raised for speeches after tonight. Will Obama be able to deliver tomorrow?

More fun and foolishness from Wednesday:

Pissing off PUMA's - One of the purposes of a convention is to get the various fragments of the party in line so that a unified face can be presented until November. And so that really happened this day, despite some symbolic floor battles.

Protestor Watch
- These goofballs get out of control, then get upset when the protest area gets so restricted it becomes meaningless. They should probably go and thank good ol' Recreate '68 for the cages.

Red meat was extra raw today. This was the peak of the red meat, as tomorrow is about the candidate's vision.

Okay, I'm running thin. So here's the stupidest pics I could find when I did my hat search. On to the Barackopolis!


Toad734 said...

Just list it out, what was Clinton wrong about.

And 1st things first: No, the Republicans can't touch Joe Biden. Not the Family Values freaks, not the "we know how to kill terrorist freaks"," we have experience at being a failed business man and the governor of the leader of executions", etc.

Raw, unpolished, real. Also happens to be the poorest senator in congress. This means he doesn't start wars for oil industry bribes.

Not only that, he was right.

McCain: Wrong about Iraq
Wrong about diplomacy
Wrong about Afghanistan

Right about Iraq
Right about diplomacy
Right about Afghanistan

Now, who has the judgement to lead?? Mr. I am going to divorce my wife now that she is fat and crippled or Mr. I am going to turn down jobs at fancy NYC law firms to make 10k year helping the community in Chicago?


Patrick M said...

Toad: Clinton was specifically wrong about why the GOP fucked up their 6 years in control of the government. It wasn't because they stuck to principle, but abandoned them, led by the likes of John McCain.

And oh, I recognize. I recognize that the speakers tonight are a whole lot more articulate at spewing what you managed to vomit out.

But thanks for the insubstantial paraphrase.

Toad734 said...

No matter how it is phrased, the truth is the truth and the facts don't lie.

Patrick M said...

When you figure out the difference between truths, facts, "truths" and "facts", let me know. Because I'm pretty sure that what you previously posted fits into all four of those categories. But I'm sure you'll have more to add when we get around to McCain's speech.