Wednesday, August 20, 2008

2008 Birthday Post

Updates below as of 1:00 PM EDT:

I've had a habit every year of writing down where I am on each birthday. Usually, this meant unleashing the pen and the paper. I occasionally find and read them years later, and they're pretty damned depressing. In fact, last year this time sucked so very bad that I didn't even write anything down. I was in the process of getting out of a very bad relationship (I still have the email evidence (ick)), working a part-time job that didn't come near paying the bills, and I had no real prospects of things changing

Well, since then, I still haven't changed jobs (it's what I do), but getting rid of a mindless leech, along with a raise and child support and the insanity of government transfers of wealth, does wonders for the bank account. On the horizon, there's another job prospect that will make many of my problems go away (although that was supposed to come in May, but oh well). And most dramatically, I've turned out three blogs, one of which I've spent a lot of time and energy on (you're reading it), and two that have given me some freedom to express those parts that were previously only released to (unsuccessfully) get me laid. To all of you who have read and all of you that have commented, I want to thank you for giving me another positive outlet in my life. And yeah, I find the positive in talking to liberals, no matter how wrong they are.

Now since this blog is the centerpiece of my online presence, it's only fit you get to share the fun. Let's get down to the red meat:

So today I turn 35, which in the grand scheme of things would matter only if I were running for president (as I qualify now). As I'm not, despite some of my early posts (Fuck The Rest. Patrick M in '12! (catchy?)), , so it's pretty damned insignificant. I even Googled 'significance of 35', and it brought up some pretty pointless shit (although after I post it might bring up this post). And of course, here's 35 on Wikipedia (accountant stand-up comedy boring). As for the day itself, it sure ain't much for the celebration.

First I have to get myself and the boy up for his first day of preschool, where they will hopefully teach him to be not autistic (sit, stay, don't be autistic. Good boy). Then it would normally be father-daughter time, but I'll be leaving her in the care of her grandmother while I run across the county (about 20 miles one way) for the fun that is a custody hearing. Hopefully we actually get something decided then rather than continuing it into 2009. After that, I hoe there's enough time for lunch and playing with the kids before I pack them up and take them to the babysitter while I go to work (25 miles one way). Then, after a shift which will probably be marred by the biggest collection of abortions that should have happened because these people should not have been born, much less allowed to get on a computer, I'll go pick up the kids, take them home, put them in bed, then game, watch news, blog, and/or get to know myself a little better for 2 minutes. Then I'll go to bed. *excessive obscenity alert* Well fucking happy fucking birth-fucking-day the fuck to me. Fuck. Okay, I feel better.

But really, I'm not that bitter.

So that's my day, that's my life. I really don't have much more to say now. However, check back. If something significant happens in the custody, I'll update the post.

Update, 9:00 AM: Well, so far, we missed the bus, I lost a tire off the rim, and the boy was 15 minutes late getting to school. What the hell is next?

Update, 1:00 PM: Okay, happy birthday to me, the custody fight is over! I now officially have full custody, with child support, and only conceded some visitation. I'll probably find some time after the conventions to post on this more. But let it be said that the system does work right sometimes.


Obob said...

I lost my account at the Emperor's Club thanks to client number nine. I warned him about the paper trail. If not, I would send someone to "help" with the stress on the road.
good luck with the day. Stupid people are there to make us look smart.

Beth said...

How very crappy a way to start your birthday, I hope it improves as the day wears on.

If it makes you feel better, there are those of us who would like to be 35 again.

Toad734 said...

See, more abortions, less traffic, now you are starting to get it.

Happy B day, so 35 is insignificant? I don't know how I feel about that knowing my 35 is only a month away. Or wait, will I be 34? Who knows. What ever, until I retire it's all the same.

Name: Soapboxgod said...

Dude. Happy Birthday. I'm 35. I quite enjoy it. But then, most people mistake me for being about 25....[insert rim shot please].

Shaw Hussein Kenawe said...

Happy Birthday, dude, and many, many more.

Beth said...

Your 1:00 update was good, glad to see it!

BB-Idaho said...

My 35th wasn't that great either.
But the 31 since have been fine.

Patrick M said...

Obob: WTF?

Beth: 36 can't be THAT bad, can it?

Toad: More abortions, less work for me. You damned youngins just don't understand. :)

Soapster: I was thinking of a different shot, really [insert groan]

Shaw: Thanks.

BB: They can't get any worse, can they?

Beth said...

Men age better than women, so you all have got that going for you.

Toad734 said...

but less crime too.

Dee said...

Happy belated Birthday!! There are lots of August birthdays, mine was the day after yours. I'm older than you but not 40 yet so I'm still pretending to be way younger than I am. Although, its getting harder since my daughter turns 14 tomorrow ;-). Congratulations also on the custody hearing!!

Patrick M said...

At least it wasn't the 19th. Then you'd share your birthday, with my uncle, my nephew, and Bill Clinton.

Happy B-Day!