Thursday, July 31, 2008

Really Short Post

I've been trying to get a computer up for the kids (running the dreaded Windows ME (ick)), thus I really haven't managed to figger out what to write. But I was inspired by the news that the measure to hold Karl Rove in contempt of Congress is on the way through. I was disappointed to hear his comments on that. Had it been me, I would be proud as piss in a palace to be held in contempt of Congress. I consider that a badge of Honor. So to the 535 dipshits that I hold in contempt in various degrees, please hold me in contempt, send me a letter, and I'll frame that puppy.

The other reason I'm going to be slim on posting is that Friday is the 20th anniversary of the Rush Limbaugh Show. Needless to say, the post will be extensive, and will cover the whole spectum of the show, the books, the TV show, and all the things I can find on Wikipedia.

Also, thanks to Dee and Satyavati for their nods this week. All people embrace me! Beat that, Barry!

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Toad734 said...

Ha, ha, ME? Mac Leopard 10.5 Bitches!