Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"Obama Bin Laden", the DIRC, and the New Yorker

With the release of the latest cover of The New Yorker, the Obama and McCain camps are up and ready to fight the terrible smear against Obama. However, having watched the story, this is going to end up in the WTF files along with every other "smear" out there.

First of all, the cover. It is, in essence, a satire of every wingnut email I've seen about Obama out there. The new President in the Oval Orifice, dressed like his hero, whose picture rests above the flag-burning fireplace, alongside his AK-wielding terrorist wife. Oh, and they're even doing that "terrorist fist jab" thing that I'm trying to teach my kids to do. Considering The New Yorker is known for punchy, satirical covers and a generally left-leaning politics, this should be enough for everyone except the moonbats, right?

Here's quotes from Obamaland:
(unnamed) "This is as offensive a caricature as any magazine could publish, and I suspect that other Obama supporters like me are also thinking about not subscribing to or buying a magazine that trafficks in such trash."
Bill Burton, Obama spokesman: “The New Yorker may think, as one of their staff explained to us, that their cover is a satirical lampoon of the caricature Senator Obama's right-wing critics have tried to create. But most readers will see it as tasteless and offensive. And we agree."
Yah, whatever. Are we a little sensitive about the satire, Barry? Does it hit too close to the mark? Is it the association to Islam (father), radicalism (J Wright), and terrorism (Ayres)that gets you all sex nuts and retard strong? Or perhaps you've forgotten how to laugh off the crazies, as the New Yorker has done, rather than make people wonder why you've got sand in your vagina.

(For clarification, Obama is not a terrorist, or Osama's bitch, or an America hater. The truth is scary enough, but the subject of other posts to come.)

Then there's the other Democrat Candidate, DIRC-in-Chief John McCain:
"We completely agree with the Obama campaign, it’s tasteless and offensive.”
Great. You're offended. You're running for President and you're defending your opponent. You're also proving to all of us you're as hypersensitive as your opponent.

So here's what you should have done. When asked for comment, your staffers should have said, "Oh yeah. Saw that. Ask John, we're busy." Then, when McCain is asked by a hapless reporter, he should have said, "Oh yeah. Saw that. It was funny. Obama was all offended? Oh. Well, then he can deal with it. Why? Because it occurs to me that a satirical cover of my opponent on a magazine isn't much of a fucking story, especially when there's a whole lot more important things to talk about." Then he could go with whatever talking points, totally unrelated to the non-story, that he wants to push for the day.

In the end, is it worth anyone's time to get their panties in a twist over this? Probably not. That still won't stop them from annoying be by whining. I'll be honest, at this point I miss having Hillary in the race. We could use a real man running right now.


Shaw Hussein Kenawe said...

When Obama was initially asked about it, he had no comment 'cause he hadn't even seen it. His campaign put out that assessment. And no one, not even McCain can oversee every freakin' aspect of his/her campaign. I mean you have to delegate.

Yes. This is annoying. But truth is, I've checked out some of the radical rightwing blogs, and yes they're having a great time with the "look, even the libs think he's a Muslim" take on it.

I got the satire immediately. But did we really need this? Make fun of his ears, his picky eating habits, his smoking, his youth, his aura of princeliness. Fair game, but do we really have to feed into people's fear of this "exotic"* candidate?

*Joe Scarborough's characterization of Obama. Exotic?

What universe does he live in. We've become a diverse, multi-cultural country, where bi-racial Amricans are pretty commonplace.

(My niece is Japanese,Irish,English,Welch and Italian).

My nephew is (Columbian indian, Irish, English and Italian).

ANd my daughter's best friend's child is Italian and African-American.

Exotic? Hell no. Very, very American and very, very 21st century.

Patrick M said...

If Obama was delegating, then he shouldn't have delegated to a whiny little bitch. And McCain just needs a shock collar. With ME on the button.

I generally put about as much stock in the wingnut blogs as you do. As I mostly also just laugh at the moonbat blogs. The fact is there will be dirty dealing and underhanded shit from both sides, as it has been going on since Washington's first term. The nuts will always feed the rumor mill. It's up to sensible people to figger it out.

Oops, forgot I was talking about the average voter.

As for Scarborough, who watches him, he's on PMSNBC. I think I get about as many hits as they get viewers.

(My niece is Japanese,Irish,English,Welch and Italian).
My nephew is (Columbian indian, Irish, English and Italian).

Maybe this is why this bothers you so. You tend to see people in divisions. I'm just an American, and I really don't give a shit where I came from. I don't think you really do, but it's kind of subliminal, as you brought this all up for some reason.

Either way, it would help your candidate if he would lighten up just a bit. If he thinks it's bad enough to get him smoking now, he'll be chain-smoking himself into the grave faster than William Henry Harrison.

Speaking of the ears, if he mounted solar panels on them, could he power the White House?

Obob said...

if obama were to sail off Ted Kennedy's shore, they would fear a windmill was placed in the cape with them ears.
What this cartoon does show is the insecurity of obama and his people. If this is a joke, laugh at it and then create a mock comaprison. Fight humor with humor not with an arrogant tsk tsk. You come off as an ass

Patrick M said...

How come you get it, i get it, most conservatives get it, but most Obama supporters, some of which do have well thought out, intelligent, wrongheaded ideas don't quite get it?

Beth said...

Sheesh, even Hillary gets it, Obama.