Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Why We Can't Elect Good People

I'm a little off my game from the past week, as line after line of storms have torn through Ohio throwing lightning all over the place, along with wind and rain and the occasional tornado. As I do internet tech support, lightning makes me busy. Which means I have less tolerance for the usual collection of eighth-wits that call in after getting a triple lobotomy from a guy with a lawnmower on his ass.

Now I bring this up because I have to deal with people that not only don't know shit about computers, they don't want to or try to learn one damned thing. If they'd only listen, or at least Google their questions, they'd not have their computers going to Hell in a handbasket full of dead puppies. Instead, they refuse to take responsibility for operating their computer. And that intentional ignorance (besides keeping me in a job) is exactly the same problem that is leading to the utter lack of thought that led us to that FUBAR'd thing we call the 2008 election.

Consider the candidates. The GOP threw out such a slate of ignorant sluts that the hardly known candidates (which were also real conservatives) were out by Iowa, and the result of this left-handed circle jerk was the nomination of the most liberal, most economically ignorant, and most traitorous of the bunch. The Democrats, meanwhile, dropped experience and proven lobotomized liberalism and went with a horse race (without broken legs) between their least experienced candidates. And they chose the one with the most questions still remaining, save only his Marxist leanings. Which leaves two candidates who daily compete for my dislike.

So it all comes down to voters who will elect anyone who can bullshit them sufficiently. These are the kind of people who I tell to type something and they can't type it. We're talking people who I tell to type an email address and they type 'at' instead of '@'. And we're talking people who can't think for themselves, learn, or do anything other than depend on other people to solve all of their problems.

Hey, I'm good at that. Maybe I should try running for President again. No, wait, I expect people to figure shit out with less help and learn from their stupid mistakes.

Never mind.


Beth said...

For what its worth, I would vote for you Patrick, but then again I always at least try to hit the reset button before I call for tech support.

Patrick M said...

If you hit the reset button though, you can sometimes wipe out settings. That's even worse.

Always power cycle your equipment first! Then call me and we'll do it again (it always works better for me).

Name: Soapboxgod said...

I always thought that if I ran for political office, one of my campaign pieces of literature would be a mailing with some of those 3-D glasses enclosed therein.

I'd call them "Objectivity Glasses" and I would ask that everyone put them on.

My friend Daniel Clarke is dead on in his assertion:

"The masses are asses."

Beth said...

Soapie, you can lead a voter to objectivity, but you cannot make them think!

Patrick - thanks for the advice.

BB-Idaho said...

Internet tech support? Sounds like you have a difficult time adhering to the maxim..the customer is always right! :)

Patrick M said...

BB: You try dealing with people who have had quadruple lobotomies. And you can't tell them they should just sell their computer rather than waste your time with their inability to understand what you mean when you say right-click. After you've explained it.

But it's still fun.

BB-Idaho said...

Us old folk grew up with typewriters and sliderules..we weren't born into the digital world. So, keep in mind, when the
lobotomized call for are the guy that walks on water. :)

Patrick M said...

BB: My first computer was an Apple II+. (You should hear the people who came up on punchcards)

I learned to type on a typewriter.

Most of my creative writing is on notebook paper.

I can still run circles around the younglings out there.

And most of the stuff I've learned has been on my own.

So unless you're over 100, it's a matter of Googling the answers.

No sympathy!!!