Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Waffles (Not Eggo)

This will be a short post, as I'm still tweaking out Firefox 3.

I've been listening to the usual blather of John McCain and the stumbly-bumbly that is Barack Obama when the teleprompter is off, and I'm not sure which candidate I despise more in a political sense.

No, it's not hard at all. McCain.

Here's why. I agree with Senator Obama on almost nothing. I have no expectation that anything he would do would benefit this country. But he is a liberal Democrat. I expect this controlling socailist shit from them. At least he's consistent.

But Senator McCain doesn't have a clue.I'll take the most recent annoying example (nod to Rivka for posting it first). On one hand, he wants to drill offshore. And he wants to share those profits with the states.

Simply put, he manages to go conservative just long enough to make us think there's real, non-Obama hope, then drag us, kicking and screaming on a hard swerve left. Into a wall reminicent of one that used to be in Berlin.

Fear of Obama will never be enough to elect John McCain to the White House. He has to be a clear difference to the vision Obama offers. But he's more interested in sitting down and circle jerking with Democrats on a daily basis. Where, other than the War on Terror, is there any leadership here? Where's the reason to vote for him?

I'd really like an answer here.

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Beth said...

I am waiting along with you...