Friday, June 13, 2008

A New Tone for Washington

I've noticed that all the candidates want to change the tone in Washington. George W Bush had that theme (along with the compassionate conservative slogan) back in 2000, and both McCain and Obama are trying to out-change each other. McCain's tone change is to agree with Democrats (screw those conservatives), and Obama's seems empty (as in I believe he's about a sincere as Hillary's concession speech). But I've figured out something. A real change in Washington's tone really could come (in spirit, not through election) from Vice President Dick Cheney:

Go fuck yourself!

I remember when he said this back in 2004, and after laughing my ass off with glee, another though popped into my head:

Finally, someone in government said something with blunt honesty.

The fact is we have been inundated with language designed to soothe, quiet, and confuse the shit out of us. People, especially politicians, tend to use weasel words incessantly. The Cheney F-bomb was a vulgar slice of reality. In fact, I've said plenty on the use of words. And for more on the many uses of the f-word, here's a vid. Click when the kiddies are out of the room. Really.

I'm not calling for excessive incivility. In fact, SPD is all about civil discussion, especially in the blogosphere. But politicians especially tend to cloak far too many things in softening phrases and PC speak. They seek to get people to think we are not vulgar. They try to not offend. Now I could go on about it as the feminization of human discourse in general and politics in particular, but I don't know if I'll catch a female reader at the wrong time of the month (I'm going straight to Hell for that one), thus discovering emasculation. Ow.

Here's the secret. Don't degenerate to calling people you disagree with bastards. But if someone's being an asshole, then tell them they're being an asshole. And if you disagree, don't be afraid to tell them they're so wrong about something that their incessant blather makes watching goats fuck preferable to listening to their cut-and-paste runon sentences from the Ron Paulistas or the Nadertards.



Toad734 said...

Easy with the labeling of Cheney as "honest".

Patrick M said...

I said his comment was honest. I can't confirm or deny his honesty at all times, nor can you.

Admit it though, you laughed when you heard about it.

Name: Soapboxgod said...

Can I just say Patrick that not all of the "Paulites" are a bunch of fucking weirdos. LOL I was never really much of a Paul guy myself. However, I did give him much more credibility than he ever got from the MSM. On domestic issues and monetary policy, he was heads and shoulders above the rest.

Anyway, I was saying....

I'm actually working on the campaign for the guy running for the State House in my district and he's a Ron Paul guy. Additionally, the woman who is going to run against Keith Ellison (the Q'uran guy) is a Ron Paul supporter.

Patrick M said...

Soapaulista(Really, I'm kidding): I gave Ron Paul credit for having lots of great ideas. But he packaged it with a fanatical antiwar stance and an assload of activists who had no concept of the period or the paragraph break. It was tedium in a way that even the moonbats couldn't achieve. So naturally, I have to make fun of them....

I'm not saying every Ron Paul supporter should just go back to their parents' basement and their blowup doll, because there are plenty of people who liked what they heard and jumped on board who were sane.

However, it's over now. We can either sell our soul to Obama, get the electric nipple torture from McCain, throw in behind Bob Barr (my choice if he didn't think our troops were occupiers), or find a lonely corner to get to know yourself better.

At this point, if you still are cheering on Ron Paul, you've crossed into goofdom. Thus I have my way with them verbally.

I'm more about ideas and candidates that are really (Obama, McCain) or theoretically (Barr) viable. So let's get the good Ron Paul ideas on the table and stop the Paulinsanity.

Patrick M said...

To continue on the Ron Paul thread, this is from an email I just received

Russ Verney
Campaign Manager
Bob Barr '08

P. S. I’m sure you’re aware that since I wrote you yesterday Ron Paul has terminated his Presidential campaign. This leaves Bob Barr as the only libertarian candidate running for President this year.