Thursday, May 22, 2008

Short Meandering Post After A Day With the Kids

Things I've noticed today:

First, it's the same old situation with the election. Hillary and Barack are being all reconciliation-y while exchanging snipper fire with McCain. So I'm working on a list of questions for the main candidates. It should be a clarification.

Second, as I noticed Senator Kennedy was out on his boat, I realized that he should, as we all should, try to do everything he wants to in the time remaining him. Especially since I'll have to lay into him if he steps foot back into the Senate.

Speaking of the Senate, they had the oil company execs back in to puff up and make inane speeches at them. I thought that, instead of raising their right hands, the execs should have taken the opportunity to stand in front of these idiots wasting our money doing nothing and flip them off. I would have been giddy at least to hear one of them address a Senator as "you sanctimonious asshole." Could be worse, like a senator investigating scandals in professional football or steroids in baseball. That would be an even bigger waste.

Idol's over. Don't care who won. I'm sure I'll find out when I read the blogs.

Oil hit another record high. Gas will follow. $4.00 anyone? So what is the government going to do? Oh yeah, hearings.

Finally, whatever happened to global warming? I had the kids outside for less than an hour, listened to Sean Hannity, then came in because it was too damned cold. So we spent the day inside. Maybe tomorrow will be a little better. I know tomorrow's post will be.


Toad734 said...

Early Easters bring late springs. It's a lunar thing. Easter was in March this year. Don't worry, it will heat up.

Beth said...

Hi Patrick, since Obob is in the cave I thought I'd replace him with you today. Nice blog, although I have to say, this is the first year I got into American Idol, and I would have to say don't knock it till you try it. The guy I picked from the get-go ended up winning, and he's really cool.

I love your comments about the oil execs flipping off Congress, that would be priceless!

Beth said...

I'll mention here also that I liked your DIRC label for McCain.

Mike's America said...

It may heat up, but not because of manmande global warming. A little thing like SUMMER is on the way.

Why is it that these oil companies cannot fund a public interest advertising campaign to explain to the American people how much oil we already have that we are not allowed to touch? If people knew we could use our own oil and never pay another penny to the Arabs I bet they would jump at it.

Oil drilling is safer than ever. All those oil plaforms in the Gulf of Mexico destroyed by Hurricane Katrina and not one oil stained beach is a perfect example of how eco-friendly drilling is.

But that story is not getting out. Just more whining about high gas prices by Dems with NO plan to do anything to increase supply.

Patrick M said...

Toad: I sure hope so. Running the A/C is cheaper than heating this leak shack.

Beth: Will never get into Idol, as it's a bastardization of the form of art that is music that I love so very much. Just the idea of picking a star (like every pop sensation and boy band that has been pissed out by the music industry over decades) rather than working up from the bottom just annoys me.

And feel free to use DIRC wherever you can. My goal is to get everyone using it, then getting credit for it. I need something to justify my excessive and magicifent ego.

Mike: It should already be warm. And as long as it stays cold, I have to heat, and I don't even want to look at that bill.

The problem is that people lack a basic understanding of simple market principles. Plus, it's easier to hold hearings than to solve things.

Beth said...

Well man, you seem to make Idol out to be like amnesty for illegal aliens, whereas the winner seems to take a short cut into stardom. Be that as it may, I also like stories of people getting plucked from obscurity and becoming instant sensations. But I guess that's just me.

I do hear ya on the heating bill thing, plus the news said natural gas will be double next year. I wish there really was some global warming going on!