Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rush and Hillary, Sitting In a Tree...,

Be glad I don't finish the title of this post. Although if I did, it would indicate Mrs Clinton actually being touched by a man. After listening to Rush go on Monday and Tuesday sharing clips where he and Hillary almost sound flirty, I don't know anymore. But would it involve them smacking each other, spouting opposing viewpointss, then collapsing.... Wow, I'd better stop before I get myself an X rating.

Ok, that's enough silliness. Let's get down to the Numbers. First, North Carolina. Barack Obama kicked ass and won big. We expected that.

Indiana, the hapless neighbor to the west of the great state of Ohio, did its best to make us wait up late. Lake County, Indiana, has officially emerged as the Floriduh of Indiana According to what I heard at one point from Fox News (and my humorous interpretation), they were (and probably still are) taking their good old time with the senile citizen brigade ponderously ticking off the absentee ballots. And thus we waited. and ten minutes until midnight, it got closer. Much closer. And by 1am, I decided to post these results. So Hillary Clinton appears to have squeaked (or cackled) out a victory in Indiana,

I know that these results have Rush as happy as a pig in shit. (analogy is a concession to my lib readers. Can't wait for the comments) In fact, he (and the Obama Camp) is attributing Hillary's victory directly to the outpouring of combat volunteers in Operation Chaos. I know, by the time he comes on, Rush will be tooting his own horn so hard that either 1. it will be black and blue or 2. he will have to turn off the Dittocam after the first hour to relieve himself of his own excitement. The margin of victory doesn't matter here, only that El Rushbo has flexed his political muscle and rippled the vote in my goofball neighboring state.

As for the speeches, Obama fired off his usual smorgasbord of WWE-style catchphrases wrapped in a aura of an inevitable nominee. And Obama has the reasons. With the lukewarm victory for Clinton in Indiana, it is becoming more probable that the superdelegates, devous Dumbocrat devilspawn of Bob Beckel, will finally throw their weight and kingmaking power behind Obama.

Hillary, who got more attention from Senator Evan Bayh, the perennial Hoosier politico, than her own husband, who was mercifully leased by Chelsea, was a bit more subdued. I think that she was both trying to keep the momentum going and laying the groundwork for acquiescence. And the sad part is that she has grown as a candidate, almost to the point where she looked presidential. Although I'd still prefer having my eyeballs popped by a hot poker rather than see either her or Obama elected.

As for McCain, I'm not that ridiculous as to prefer permanent injury. Maybe just have my testicles tasered weekly. At least that's the expectation.


shaw kenawe said...

"Although I'd still prefer having my eyeballs popped by a hot poker rather than see either her or Obama elected.

Maybe just have my testicles tasered weekly."

Please don't say stuff like this. We'll need to do an intervention to keep you from maiming yourself in November.

This country limped through 8 years of Bush.

You'll do fine under an Obama presidency. You may even like it.


Patrick M said...

Well, under a President Obama (or McCain, for that matter) I'd certainly have some more to write about.

Wait, is there a pointhere, Guess not.

Toad734 said...

Or a pig in Oxy Contin.

Actually McCain is against testical tazering, you would have to go to Cheney for that.

Patrick M said...

Toad: If you could type without being an asshole....

But you're probably right about the tasering.

Toad734 said...

See, if the asshole is right...

Patrick M said... doesn't change the fact that the asshole is still an asshole.

But hopefully, you'll learn to manage the hate.