Friday, May 16, 2008

A Friday of Frustration

Okay, let's round out the week:

Presidential Parodies - I am finally, completely burned out on the race for president. At this point, I don't really give a shit who gets elected. Hillary is going down, but is still clinging on like the moronic Huck-a duck did. Obama continues to speak about nothing, and will eventually have to grow a pair and be defined, and I don't care until he does so. And then there's John McCain, Pingpong McYop, the default candidate. Every time I've about got myself screwed up to vote for the bastard as the lesser of two evils (the only reason to vote for him) he opens his mouth and says something really, really stupid. You know, it's sad when conservatism's best hope is McCain's victory, a conservative running mate, an a heart attack. 'Nuff said.

On a related note, my hope was a good Libertarian candidate in the form of Bob Barr. Here was someone who came to libertarianism from a conservative point of view. However, like the ubernut Ron Paul, Bob Barr is leaning toward the cut-and-run brigade and has referred to the armed forces in Iraq as "occupiers". I can't, in good conscience, vote for someone who would characterize our troops in such a way. So unless Barr gets his head out of his ass on this and stops trying to court the Paulaholics, I'm going to end up writing myself in for President. In that case, who wants to be my VP, so I can fill you in?

Why I don't care if China makes our shit - A lot of whining from some sectors about how, because of trade deficiencies, countries like China will come to dominate us. But look at this earthquake situation. I heard the number of people buried in the rubble set at about 40,000. The death toll at the beginning of this week was 12,000, up to 15,000 by the middle of the week, and is now estimated at 50,000. And that's if the dams in the area don't crumble and kill thousands more. We now have an opportunity. At this point, we need to pull our forces cooling their heels outside Myanmar and run them up to China, as the government has asked for help. The more the people see us and the more they know of America, the quicker the government will turn from its Communist leanings. Then we don't have to worry about them anymore. Well, not as much anyway.

Marching Orders for Conservatism - With McYop as the GOP candidate, there are no coattails. This means any conservative Republican will have to win despite that moderate albatross strapped onto the party. So I will provide the general principle and a couple of national issues that are pure winners. The principle is simple: Find a bold, conservative stand, run on it, and then get it done when you are elected. See? Simple.

Now as for the two issues, and the plan to do so:

Lowering Gas Prices - By November, this will be a winner. But just having one little solution, like drilling or dropping the gas tax will not do. What is needed here is a sweeping bill that wipes out the scattered mess that has gone before. In this case, my Three Pillars: 1. Use Every Technology We Have, both petroleum and clean, but only if they're economical. In other words, fuck ethanol. 2. Conservation and Common Sense, which requires getting everyone to think conservation, but not in a Jimmy Carter-in-a-sweater kind of way. 3. Research and Development, which is how we'll get our next technology online. Think WWII, and you get the idea.

The FairTax - This one's a no-brainer if you have any feel for the math and the political ramifications. This one, though will require work. Here's the short version: All income taxes, gone. IRS, gone. 16th Amendment, repealed. Embedded taxes, replaced by the FairTax. What about the poor? prebate checks take care of taxes up to the cost of living. Don't want to pay taxes? Don't buy anything new. Any questions? Got to the damned site and read.

Now I leave it to all of you to write your representatives and senators, give them these issues, and see if they have the testicular fortitude to carry them out. I have all weekend to spend with my kids now.


Shaw Kenawe said...

The more the people see us and the more they know of America, the quicker the government will turn from its Communist leanings.

I know you're a proud American and believe we are exceptional, but not everyone on the planet thinks that way. The entire Middle East, for example--they actually dislike our culture, we're the infidels, remember?

And who knows more about us than Cuba, 90 miles away from us? That hasn't loosened Communism's grip on that island.

It's a bit more complicated than just having countries look at our bright shiney objects and say, "I want that!"

I'm not sure that what has happened over the last 7 1/2 years is a good advertisement for people wanting our way of life.

Patrick M said...

I know we are exceptional, no matter who is running things.

And I know it's not that simple. But it's a matter of piercing the veil the government puts over its people. As they see our shiny shit, then they begin to ask more questions. And we know they have plenty of questions. In addition, it's a matter of them seeing a supposed enemy helping.

As for Cuba, there's a situation where our isolation of the island hasn't really helped the situation.

Again, whether we're referring to Bush Derangement Syndrome or good ol' Clinton Fatigue, it's the American ideal that matters, not the guy in the White House when it comes to these things. Because while we may follow every word of our political opponents, people in these countries are fed lines from the media (a hell of a lot more controlled than here). And as they get to see Americans as good people instead of a faceless enemy, the better off we are.

As for the Middle East, either they'll come around one day, or end up making a mistake that results in the whole place being reduced to a large sheet of glass.

Toad734 said...

We should send China some baby bottles made in china. Then maybe they will stop sending us poisonous baby bottles.

Their economy is booming, ours sucks, we still have people in New Orleans living in trailers, why would we send aid to China?

Did you see Obamas speech last night? It was great. Just think, a president who can speak full sentences.

Patrick M said...

Why should we send aid to China? Simple. There's an assload of them dead, plenty more yet to be found dead, and the living need immediate relief, as in the kind that won't help people living in trailers in NO that have the basic needs of life covered. Also, because we help those in tragedy, no matter the politics.

I think I drifted off before the Obama speech. But Clinton's speech was good, as well as a warning that she wasn't leaving any time soon.

Toad734 said...

Well this is where I would side with a lot of conservatives, the US sends Aid to everyone. We, as far as I know, are the most generous nation on the planet. I say you take care of your own before you take care of others....especially Iraqis and their dictator who couldn't have dreamed of killing as many people that have died since he was hanged. That also includes China, we already send millions to them every day. In fact, I just sent about $100 their way via a few shirts I just bought. Unfortunately, unless its a T shirt or made out of Hemp, its hard to find clothing made in the US.