Friday, April 11, 2008

The World's Smallest Political Quiz

Okay, I'm tired of arguing new points, so for the weekend, I'm going to have some fun. As you know, in my pursuit of a candidate that doesn't suck, I've been visiting over at the Libertarian Party website. And in the process, I found the Worlds Smallest political quiz. So I'm going to post it here, link to it, and I want everyone to take the quiz and share your results. Just be honest, and don't be afraid of the results. I'm more curious than anything, and your beliefs are your own. But I am wondering how many conservatives really should be going libertarian, how many liberals are really statists, and how many people go to the middle. So CLICK HERE to take the quiz, then check the comments to see where other readers rank, and leave your scores for personal and economic issues.
As for me, I came up Libertarian. I was pretty sure I would. I scored 80 on personal freedom and 100 on economic freedom. So go ahead. I think it will be interesting.


repsac3 said...

PERSONAL issues Score is 90%.
ECONOMIC issues Score is 30%.

Some other tests, some other opinions:
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Shaw Kenawe said...

Surprise, surprise. I'm a Liberal.

Neither party is perfect. And neither are the Libertarians.

But for the most part, my ideals match up more closely with the Liberals and not the Conservatives.

Although I do believe in conserving our natural resources--so in that sense, I'm a conservative.

I also believe in conserving--saving money--not being wasteful, and not being an out-of-control consummerist.

We don't need have the stuff we buy, and we certainly don't need the amounts of food we're shoving into our insatiable mouths 24/7.

No matter where I go, I see people munching on food.

I remember when I was taking classes at a local college--the first day, when we were supposed to be discussing the material we'd cover in class--most of the people there wanted to know if we'd have a party on the last class and what the food would be.


Off to walk on the beach.

Patrick M said...

Repsac: Took the one quiz and I came out anarchist too. Wierd.

Shaw: You forgot to post your numbers. I want to see just how liberal you really are!

And I am perfect. Just bask in the glow!

Mike's America said...

Shaw and Repsac are liberals?


Well I guess they can drop any hope to masquerade as more mainstream Americans.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Your PERSONAL issues Score is 80%.
Your ECONOMIC issues Score is 40%.

Patrick M said...


You forgot to post some numbers. Remember, we're all friends here, except we like to argue each other to death.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Message to Mike:

There are more registered Democrats in America than there are registered Republicans.

Mainstream? You are in the minority.

But don't let the facts interfere with your hubris.

Patrick M said...

Mike, Shaw, do I have to put you both in the corner, or should I just get out the paddle?

Mike's America said...

Shaw: Do you not understand the difference between a Democrat and a liberal?

I admit it's not much. But enough to put all liberals outside the mainstream.

P.S. Patrick: I hate these tests. I always score 100% mainstream conservative patriotic American.

Toad734 said...

I think this is a little too simple to really know what someone is but I am clearly Liberal but only one square away from Libertarian. This was clearly written to try to convince people they were actually Libertarians. If you asked me few enough of the right questions and no others, you could identify me as a Republican if you tried hard enough.

PERSONAL issues Score is 100%
Your ECONOMIC issues Score is 40%

I like this one better:
If you click on famous people, it has Darth Vader and Ted Nugent.

Mike, sorry there's not Nazi column for you.

Patrick M said...

Toad, that's why I posted it. I wanted to see how people who I have read and have a general idea on their views have scored. So far, everybody who has taken it (except Mike) have come up with fairly valid scores.

I know no test is perfect, but it's a matter of comparing ideas with a common set of questions.

I surspect the test you posted was written by a liberal. So I took it and came up: LIBERTARIAN. But that's tests for you.

And it's in from comments I've gotten from this that another post will come, because I did learn some things.

Toad734 said...

I really didn't feel the test I pointed out had a clear bias. The problems with a lot of those are the terms always and never or when they only give you agree or disagree. The one I took had more levels of agreement and touched on a lot of different issues.

Patrick M said...

From my results, it didn't appear to have one. But the questions seemed to feel like they were written from a more liberal point of view. What I meant was more an observation of perception, not bias.

But I did learn a few things and enjoyed all the comments.

Toad734 said...

Ya it was more liberal than not but certainly wasn't trying to steer you into answering as a liberal. If you were McVeigh and wanted to blow up the White house it would have reflected that.

Patrick M said...

Glad we're all smarter than these tests.