Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Obligatory April 15th Post

Well, the time has come for those of you who have not had all your money for 2007 sucked up by the government to send in your checks, pride, and tax forms. For many of us, we have already filed these confusingly hated and vile documents.

Now I'm not going to go into arguing which group should be taxed the most, which taxes are fair, and which taxes aren't. In fact, if you read my blog regularly, you know what link is coming:

If you have not yet gone to the site and studied the FairTax, today is the best day to do so.

If you believe in using taxes to control behavior or redistribute wealth, then it's probably not your cup of monkey piss.

However, if you value transparency in tax revenues, less potential for fraud, a mechanism to get tax revenue from previously untaxed cash, no penalties for growing the economy, and a tax system that is both voluntary and progressive, then the FairTax is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

So if you have any questions about the FairTax and can't find them on the site (or are a lazy bastard like I myself) then go ahead and ask. I'm sure I'll give you an answer until it hurts.


Toad734 said...

Of course it must be stated that if you want 2 Trillion dollar wars, the worlds largest military budget and to give free government handouts to Exxon (the most profitable company in history) and ADM and corn farmers then we need taxes for such endeavors.

Just think, Americas tax bill could have been reduced by about 2 trillion without this war but you voted for the guy who started the war so you really can't complain.

So you don't think that Cigarettes, which is a major reason health care costs are so high and partly the reason a lot of people can't afford health care and not to mention, they kill people, shouldn't be taxed? After all, its a behavior tax.

Patrick M said...

Here's how the FairTax addresses your concerns.

Spending: The FairTax has little to do with spending. However, if we were required to balance the budget, the FairTax would be adjusted for any additional spending and we would all know our taxes just went up! So the government would have a motivation to not spend more than necessary.

However, spending is still out of control. But the FairTax is designed to be revenue-neutral when it goes into effect, so it will replace our crrent system dollar for dollar.

Cigarettes: Cigarettes are subject to the FairTax like all other consumer purchases. And no more. The purpose of the FairTax is to raise revenue for the federal government, not adjust behavior. If cigarettes are so bad, there are other methods to limit smoking available to the nanny state.

Next question or comment, please.

Toad734 said...

Ok, so it almost sounds like we had a choice when our taxes would go up for a war? If thats the case, bring it on. I would like to see what Americans would say to see their tax bill increased by 2 trillion overnight. Of course, as they did last time around, they would lie about the cost and the length of these wars and once we were suckered in they would call anyone who questioned it a traitor or a "moonbat", sort of like they are doing now.

But under a Republican he doesn't do that does he. No he lowers your taxes and send us into debt knowing that a Democrat with a brain will come along and have to raise the taxes to pay for the war and then the Democrats will be evil because they are supposedly raising everyones taxes so they can give it to crack heads who don't work. I can't believe people are that stupid...but it works, and it will work again.

Patrick M said...

Again, it goes to transparency in government. The more open our tax and budget systems, the less susceptible they are to getting out of control.

Why you bring patriotism into this equation, though is beyond me. But that's why people fling out the word moonbat when you show up.

Toad734 said...

Because one who questions the motives, costs, lies and beneficiaries of the war is called a "moonbat" or communist or anti American.

So, you guys are the one who brings up the question of patriotism.

Patrick M said...

I'm going to do a post on this, so that the point is clear.

And it's your antiwar and anti-Bush obsession that earns you the label of "moonbat" sometimes. Again, save your comments for the moonbat post. There will be plenty.