Thursday, April 17, 2008

Defining Fairness

The question of fairness comes up all the time. I hear it mostly from the liberals that post here. I hear it from the right as well. I hear fairness espoused by people who want the government to make everything fair.

However, I will speak for the libertarian point of view as fairness in my worldview is gained through freedom and opportunity:

First of all, let's talk taxes (yep, obligatory FairTax link time) and how to make them fair. To make taxes fair, you take out the loopholes, the codes, and all the ways that politicians can manipulate them to their advantage. And while I think a flat tax would be a good thing, I'm obviously a FairTax supporter, simply because it takes away the ability of Congress to play with the tax code.

To make spending in government fair, we take it back to a constitutional principle. In other words, we stop spending an assload of money to support everything, except those things that can't be done by private industry.

Fairness in our laws is simple. The point of are laws should be to protect our rights, up to the point they violate another's rights. So the secret to this is to stop passing laws to restrict people, and pass laws that restrict government.

And finally, fairness in politics. I wanted to find a video that made fun of all three remaining candidates, but then I came across this gem. So tough shit John, you didn't make the cut. Now, if you're familiar with the Sara Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel videos featuring Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, you know where this is going....

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