Saturday, March 1, 2008

Selections from the Collection

Okay this blog is almost total fluff, but as it is my blog, here we go....

I've noticed that there seems to be this line of demarcation between who is liberal and who is conservative. I wish to piss on this line until it no longer exists, and only the ideas and worldviews can be clearly defined. In this pursuit, I'm going to list some of my favorite CDs. Upon examination, most of my music is from liberal artists, and sometimes they go off on liberal points. But it is in this way I learn to think. The CDs I list here are the most political, the most liberal, and in most cases, completely counter to many things I believe. They also kick ass:

Green Day - American Idiot - I had been a Green Day fan before this album came out, but this is a piece of work that plays as a single work. From the title song, to the emotional "Wake Me Up When September Ends (track 11, ironically), this is a must for anyone who wants passion and energy in a rock album. On the political side, there's some references to the political climate of the time, but it's not overstated or wholly political. And that's the way I like it

System of a Down - Toxicity - This album is overtly political, challenges the status quo, and is just loud and intense. Despite the overt political nature, I can appreciate the music for its sheer intensity, and occasionally, as in the first track, Prison Song, I get the idea.

The Doors - In Concert - Less overtly political, it's more a snapshot into the era of free experimentation and social exploration. My mental dance with the Doors put me into a character on the radio at Wright State University. While that did not lead to a career, it did give me fuel to write, fuel to think, and an energy that made it worth while

The One-Eyed Show - Unsure of Direction - Okay, this entry has no political agenda. But I graduated high school with four of the band members, and one of them I knew since first grade. And as I am a believer in helping out those who inspired me in some way, I have to put them in the list. Also, since I have the CD, what the hell? So check them out.

Okay, now to the point. I've noticed that far too many of the liberal bloggers try to lump all conservatives into one mold. Many on the conservative side do the same to the libs. I just wonder if anyone has the testicular fortitude to try that with me. And that's not a threat; it's a challenge.


Toad734 said...

You don't get any more liberal than System Of A Down or Green Day for that matter. System of A Down happens to come from a very different perspective than most people so you have to give that some merit.Urban, Armenian,touring metal band immigrants (not sure what generation) from L.A. are certainly going to have a much broader and different world perspective than a truck driver from Arkansas. They are probably going to be more worldly and have a better finger on the pulse of the rest of how the world works. In fact, I see bands all the time and have friends who tour Europe and Asia and everyone they meet can't figure out why they don't have on Cowboy hats and a noose with an Arabs head in it. After seeing what America has done over the past few years they don't understand why most of the American people are so sane when our leaders are so insane. Sure, Greenday are a bunch of suburban white guys but I am sure they have decent points as well but I dont really listen to them.

Patrick M said...

It's called being open to different points of view. Even where I disagree politically, I have to think about why I disagree. And that is how you learn more. And their music kicks ass. That's what really matters.

The problem with the rest of the world, and one of our problems, is ethnocentrism. We make assumptions based on minimal amounts of data. I know a few people who have no use whatsoever for Islam and Muslims in general, without looking any deeper. I believe that the majority of Muslims do want peace and will be tolerant of other religions. The problem is that far too often we see a towel on someone's head and we think terrorist.

Finally, political speech should be about ideas, not mindless demagoguery and vitriol. Which is why I wouldn't listen to them if they started spewing pure hate rhetoric in between songs. And it's probably why I wouldn't go to one of their concerts. That, and I'm getting too old to thrash.