Friday, March 14, 2008

J C Watts for Vice President

After watching John McCain for an entire hour on Hannity and Colmes, where Sean questioned him on his liberal positions (which he tried to justify) and served him softballs to comment on (Barack Obama's pastor, which he pussed out on), I am no closer to voting for him than before. So at this point, the position of Vice President may be the only thing that may make me decide. And while there are several possibilities, the winning choice, and the one that will be enough to justify some favorable blogs, and my vote, would be J C Watts. Here's why:

He's Conservative! - This is an obvious one, as that is McCain's weakness. Watts has both solid social and economic conservative credibility. I'm still researching things about him, but I'm satisfied with what I've found so far. In addition, he has the respect of many of the conservatives in the blogosphere who otherwise don't want to vote for McCain. Here's what Dee had to say:
I'll never forget the first time I heard JC Watts speak. He gave the Republican response in 1997 to Bill Clinton's State of the Union address and I was mesmerized. Not only was he a charismatic speaker and a likable guy but he came across as sincere, genuine and had stellar conservative beliefs and credentials.

The Southern Factor - Watts is from Oklahoma, and possesses enough southern credibility to offset the perception of McCain as a Washington man. And his presence will draw many of the former Huckabee voters back in.

Articulation and Charisma - I remember the first time I heard him speak. I was immediately impressed, both by his passion and ability to articulate conservatism. John McCain, despite decades of time in the public eye, still seems uncomfortable speaking in public. The addition of a charismatic talker to the McCain team is desperately needed.

The Race Card - This consideration comes only because every other condition has already been met. In the Democrat race, the race card is already in play. So if Senator Obama becomes the nominee, Watts can nullify the race card by his presence, and attack Obama without drawing race attacks. And if the Clintons are on the ticket, the vitriol created in the black community over the "screwing" of Obama could translate into votes for the McCain/Watts ticket, and possibly, the end of the Democrat monopoly of blacks.

He Played Football - In the great state of Ohio, football is almost a religion. So electing a college (and pro, in the Canadian Football League) quarterback is a bonus.

So here is the link for the Draft J C Watts Blog. Visit and share. Also, sign the petition. I'd like to keep the true liberals out of the White House, and J C is the answer!


Mike's America said...

Good luck with that. But don't be disappointed if it doesn't happen.

Toad734 said...

Aren't you tired of southerners picking our Presidents? Shouldn't the rest of the country have their say?

Down with the electoral college!

Patrick M said...

Mike: We're talking McCain. I'm used to disappointment.

Toad: Better the South than the big cities and the East and Left Coasts. Also, the great state of Ohio is certainly not in the South. But we have Cleveland.

ryanshaunkelly said...

Where what's to be they say will be.

But what is and what should never be.

Patrick M said...

Okay, that was special. I was almost impressed.

(note the use of the term "almost" and omit the word impressed. And get hooked on phonics.)

Wayne said...

I agree J.C. Watts would be great to have on the ticket. One minor correction though he was the quarterback for the University of Oklahoma (not Ohio St)from 1977 to 1981.

Patrick M said...

I knew that Wayne. But thanks for the clarification.