Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wasting Time and Money

I was trying to think of something to talk about other than the election (oh, the futility) but was drawing a blank. So I decided to read headlines on As I read, I came across four stories in the headlines and most read stories which remind me why Republicans can't seem to get their shit together and why more people despise Congress than they do President Bush:

House to Debate Contempt Charges for Bush Advisers - Another story about political infighting. In this case, Harriet Miers and Josh Bolten are in trouble because they didn't respond to subpoenas by the House Judiciary Committee. If evidence of real wrongdoing comes to light, it should be investigated. I have not heard any evidence so far. So the Judiciary committee has a reason to make speeches about how evil Bush is. I personally would take being found in contempt of Congress as a badge of honor. And while we're talking contempt....

Clemens Denies Using Illegal Performance-Enhancing Drugs Despite Trainer's Claims - Yet another reason for Congressmen to waste time and money making speeches to make themselves feel better while accomplishing very little. This time, it's the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee wasting time drilling baseball players and trainers about the use of steroids and human growth hormones. There's a real story to be pursued, but this is no damned business for Congress to waste our time on. I was trying to remember where in the Constitution it said anything about investigating Major League Baseball. I have my pocket copy of it from the Heritage Foundation sitting right here, and there's nothing that even comes close.

Bush Signs $168 Billion 'Booster Shot' Package to Boost Sagging U.S. Economy - I've already mentioned how this much of a waste of time this is, as it is more of a vote-buying feel good scheme than anything else. I'll refer back to the Heritage Foundation again for details. Either way, while tax cuts for business are good,the worst (and most talked about) part is the tax rebate checks. In addition to giving money back to taxpayers, it will also go to low income people who don't pay taxes, including senile citizens and disabled veterans. Just repeat the words income redistribution every time you hear anything about this travesty of a plan.

Congress Pushes Limits on CIA Interrogations in Face of Threatened Bush Veto - The most unpopular war in our history, which we lost, was Vietnam. We spent many years and thousands of lives, only to turn tail and run in the end. And it was all because of stupid bastards in Washington micromanaging every aspect of the war. Right now, we are facing a similar situation with the War on terror. The rules for this war are still being adjusted as we fight it. But Congress is, as usual, trying to grandstand like some mutated puffer fish by trying to manage the murky and often clandestine workings of intelligence work. I'm not one for torture (except for child molesters) but our goal in this war is to find out information to win. Guidelines are good, but not if they are turned into political footballs.

So there you go. This is why I would love to see a term limit amendment, just so these wastes of taxpayer dollars (congressmen) can't get reelected in perpetuity, and spend a quarter of a century ensconced in the Beltway.

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